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12 Aug 2011  6 Comments

Viva's Gift Bag

Another day another Social event. This time we were invited by Viva to attend the 2nd annual Social event that was held in Marina Hotel yesterday. I finally managed to meet some bloggers that couldn’t make it to Zain’s Event a few days earlier.

MIKE MBALTA3 hosted the event that made it really amusing. He held a couple of competitions were I took part in one and lost to Kuwaitiful (Congrats again Bro)

Viva also held a raffle, the prize was a fully paid trip to watch the Red Devils (Manchester United) at Old Trafford.The winner was first HiKuwait but he refused to receive the prize as he is not a football enthusiast and asked to do another draw. Winner Number 2 was AboFlan who also wasn’t a big fan of football and also declined. I have no idea who winner number 3 was as he said he wan’t a blogger but he was shouting before getting on the stage “I’M TAKING IT, I”M TAKING IT”.

On our way out we were handed little gift bags that contained an IDEOS X5 Huawei phone and a mini gergai3an bag.

Thank You Viva for the invite, it was nice seeing my fellow bloggers in real life again.

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  • Kuwaitiful

    Was a pleasure beating you, and a bigger pleasure meeting you. 

  • Jacqui

    Lovely event bs 7asafa you didn’t win in the competition hehe it was great beeing in the same room as you :D

  • Buzfairy

    Winner #3 is a blogger, this is his blog right here

    But he was coming with me, so he didn’t feel comfortable mentioning his blog, which he runs with another of his friends.

    And like you said “He’s Taking it”… LIke anyone could get the ticket out of his hands ;)

  • Jacqui

    7asafa second event o I don’t see you hehe bs el mohim we were in the same room.. allah ekhalee VIVA o ZAIN yame3ona eb these events :D Enshalla until next time :D

  • Q8 All In One

    Its nice meeting you buddy :)

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