The Longest Video I’ve Watched On YouTube

17 Aug 2011  No Comments

This might not be the longest video on YouTube, but its certainly is the longest one I have watched all the way through. This video contains all the cutscense from the Warcraft 3 game which was a great game and had a great storyline.

It took me 3 days to watch this video.

My Android Love

17 Aug 2011  13 Comments

My Android Devices

Ever since I got my first Android device a little over to years ago, I fell in love with the OS and really liked what Google were trying to do with the operation system and how they are approaching the mobile platform from a different angle.

In these 2 years I’ve owned a number of android devices, all of them are phones. I haven’t bought an Android tablet just year and waiting for the quad-core system to make their way into the market. Because of the large number of devices and different designs, Finding a devices that perfectly fits you shouldn’t be that hard.

Missing from the pic above is my HTC Hero, my first android device. So I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy SII just for the shoot.


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