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17 Aug 2011  13 Comments

My Android Devices

Ever since I got my first Android device a little over to years ago, I fell in love with the OS and really liked what Google were trying to do with the operation system and how they are approaching the mobile platform from a different angle.

In these 2 years I’ve owned a number of android devices, all of them are phones. I haven’t bought an Android tablet just year and waiting for the quad-core system to make their way into the market. Because of the large number of devices and different designs, Finding a devices that perfectly fits you shouldn’t be that hard.

Missing from the pic above is my HTC Hero, my first android device. So I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy SII just for the shoot.

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  • Blizmo

    And the best one is…….?

    • Abd Al Aziz

      Currently it’s Samsung Galaxy SII

      • Sasses

        IMO, I say .. It’s the HTC sensation .. Better battery life (I know that the galaxy has a bigger battery)
        Better UI (HTC sense is a truly dIfferent sensation !
        Better build quality (Unlike the S2′s plastic cover, the HTC uses fine pieces of quality)
        Unlocked bootloader !!!!!
        And HtC is just better !

    • Big N

      it depends, If you will keep everything stock, the HTC Sensation is a better device. If you are going to play around with it, the SII as it has a larger community. also I like how the SII is super light compared to all other smartphones. But the Sensation feels better in the hands as it has better build quality.

  • Hamoud S. Al-Sabah

    if you can share with us your fav app we would really appreciate it, one more thing how come i cant find the google+ app on my s2? its not even on the market

    • Big N

      Will post enshalla about app recommendations later today.

  • Zidaneoo

    more like an addiction to me :p

  • M.A.M

    u should add xperia arc to that collection;) any apps recommendations? 

    • Big N

      The Arc is a wonderful device, but I had to choose between it and the SII. I,of course, went with the SII :)

  • Jacqui

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation was given to me from Zain, and I’m discovering this Android world.  It’s not as easy as the iOS world but there are definitely a couple more things you can do with it hehe :P

    • Big N

      Not just a “couple”….”Much” :)

  • Marzouq

    Someone is seriously addicted to Android! So am I :P

    • Big N

      Great minds think alike ;p


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