Samsung Might Have Just Announced My Next Tablet, And Possibly Phone

1 Sep 2011  5 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

IFA 2011 kicked off today and Samsung quickly announced a number of hardware product. The 2 major ones were a tablet and something in between a tablet and a phone. First was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the successor to the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. It comes with a dual core 1.4 CPU, A 1280 x 800 7.7″ super AMOLED plus HD screen, SD card slot and a reduction in thickness as this new 7.7″ will be as thin as the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device still has shortcomings, The device won’t have a full size USB port as I think Samsung will try to push its dongles on the consumers but I would have preferred the Tab to have a full USB port as the Android OS can make use of it in a lot of scenarios. And will have samsung’s Touchwiz UI. Even though the Touchwiz UI is great, I prefer the Android’s Vanilla experience.

Galaxy Note

The other Samsung announcement was a little weird one. A phone named the Galaxy Note that has a 5.3″ super AMOLED plus HD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 that should “blur the line between smartphones and tablets”. The Dell Streak-esque device also has a stylus tucked away underneath to remind us of the glorious Windows Mobile days. and it also comes with similar specs to the Tab 7.7. The phone is a little humongous for my taste but we will see when it gets released Q4/Q1 2012.

You should note the Nexus Prime, google’s flagship device for 2011, that had its specs leaked last weak had similar specs to the Galaxy Note, but I doubt that Google will release a phone with a 5.3″ screen, 4.5″ is more practical but we have to wait and see if Samsung can squeeze their new Super AMOLED Plus HD screens in a 4.5″ frame. I hope so.


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  • Jotkat

    Geeks will always bring back bad ideas!! come on!!! a device between a smart phones and a tablet with a stylus?! Samsung should keep the innovating part to the designers at apple and they should stick to what they do best .. Following the trends

  • Marzouq

    The Samsung Note looks very interesting! I’m loving the specs! I can’t wait to see the new Nexus Prime! I hope to god it isn’t a Motorolla! I haven’t gotten a Android Tablet yet but I am planning on getting one soon! I keep postponing! The Amazon tablet looks interesting too! 

    • Big N

      You and me both, I haven’t got an Android tablet either and the rumored Amazon tablet sounds interesting. also, the Nexus prime might be the next must-have Android device.

  • Sausama77

    Do you know the price of the samsung note…. it’s over 1000$

    • Big N

      If they stick to that pricing that means its not for everyone. Also, A 5.3 inch screen isn’t for everyone.


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