The Most Badass Flash Mob Ever

4 Sep 2011  4 Comments

We all have seen a number of flash mobs but none come close to how cool this flash mob is. In New Zealand, this flash mob is doing the HAKA, a traditional dance that is also usually preformed by the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team.

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  • Marzouq

    Thats the definition of Bad Ass! Damn! I know the Haka is cool! I would love to see it live! A flash mob like that in Kuwait! lol

  • Q8iyadownunder

    omg that’s so cool, Ive seen a lot like that since i live in Australia :D
    check out aboriginal tribal kangaroo dance…..CRAZY

  • Abdulla

    هههه خوش شوي والله حمسوني العب اكس بكس :) .. 

    يبيله فيفا ٢٠١١ 


    • Big N

      LOOOOL, I do  this dance before every PES 2011 game I play ;p


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