No 3D For Me

17 Oct 2011  No Comments


Got a new TV a few weeks ago, I was looking to upgrade my 46″LCD with a 46″ LED. I was exclusively looking for a LED screen with no 3D support as I refuse to support this stupid gimmick.

My first destination was X-Cite at the Avenues mall, I was surprised that they hardly had any 46″ TV’s at all in their collection. so I went to Carrefour and there I found my next TV, the Samsung UA46D5500RR. A LED with no 3D support. But they didn’t have any in stock other than the one on display which they refused to give me a discount on, which was puzzling since it was an “open box”  product.


I have no idea why I walked back to X-Cite and asked them about that specific model, to my surprise the guy tells me that they do have it but its not on display. Its not on display so that they can clear out the old stock they’ve got. But he told me that I can purchase it and they can have it delivered to me in a couple of days. I immediately agreed and it was delivered as scheduled.

The TV is great, it has both allshare functionality that allows you to stream from other Samsung devices, say the Galaxy S II, to the TV wirelessly ala Airplay, but it won’t work for me as I am not running the stock rom on my SGS2 . It also supports a number of video codecs to be played back via USB like MKV,MP4 and AVI just to name a few, in HD as well.

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