Shoot 360 Panoramic videos on Your iPhone

20 Oct 2011  No Comments

GoPano Micro
“Life happens in 360… Now your videos can too”
I backed up a kickstarter project a  few months back called “GoPano Micro”. The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone4 to make 360 panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to the supplied iPhone 4/S case and press record to make cool interactive 360 videos using the free iOS app. The shipment arrived yesterday but to bad I “misplaced” my iPhone 4 a month ago and can’t just try it out at the moment. Have to wait for the iPhone 4S.
The interactive video below is shot with a GoPano for the DSLR but its the same concept. use your mouse or arrow keys to pan around the video.


GoPano Store

Watch more panoramic videos here

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