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22 Oct 2011  3 Comments

A few months ago, I came across an article about a new technology that would change the way we think about day-to-day photography. But after reading the article I dismissed it as its too early for that kind of technology.

Fast forward a few months, Y=the same company just had an event showcasing their new tech/camera and they say it should be available in March/April 2012. $400 for the 8GB version and $500 for the 16GB version.

So what is it about the LYTRO camera that is so special? it will make the half a press of the camera that was used for focusing a thing of the past as with its camera you will never need to focus another image again. The camera captures all the light from all the object from all the different depths and you can then select the focus point desired post process. It will also make 3D image much easier to generate.

Check out the demo image below, just press to select the focus point.


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  • Jacqui

    I saw that earlier this week even included it in my “Android-centric” Technology page today in the newspaper :P It is quite amazing!

    • Big N

      I am really considering getting one.

      P.S. good read :)

  • Guest

    I like this camera so much especially that I am an amateur photographer  


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