Kuwait’s Mobile Data Comparisons

25 Oct 2011  6 Comments

Here is a simple price comparisons of mobile data packages of all three telecom companies in Kuwait:

Data Comparisons


Data Comparisons - Wataniya


Even though Viva is the newest Telecom in Kuwait, it has the best packages for the heavy user. It is the only company to offer truly unlimited packages without any kind of throttling. The only issue with Viva is its spotty coverage, but once you get it, its smooth sailing from there. I use it for tethering at work and and its great. But they have a connection problem this week and they say they’ll have it fixed ASAP. It’s also the only company with connection speeds up to 42.2Mb, I haven’t tried it though.


Zain revamped their data packages a few months ago (or year not sure) but the new packages now competes with Viva’s unlimited plans. Even though its not unlimited the 10, 20 and 30GB are quite sufficient for mobile usage (no tethering). Zain have a better coverage but that doesn’t always mean 3G, as speed often drop to edge when neither 3G nor HSPA is available.


I’m sure that Wataniya’s 20MB and 200MB packages where designed for the old dumb phones where they hardly use any data. So they are idiotic at this point of time. The other “unlimited” packages where you get just 1GB or 2GB of data before being throttled to a pathetic 128Kbps is absurd and it has the lowest cap of any of the 3 Telecom companies. I used it to tether to my laptop this week during Viva’s outage and I passed the limit in just a few hours (we are already at the end of the month I know) but I rarely use the my mobile data other than the occasional WhatsApp, Twitter and very light browsing.



If you have Viva coverage then go with them, as a heavy user myself, I really appreciate the TRULY UNLIMITED packages. If you are unlucky and don’t have Viva coverage in your workplace/home then Zain is the second best option.

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  • csharp

    regarding Viva mobile data package, the comparisons is not true because i am one of subscriber and i dot’n get unlimited bandwidth as you mention in the table. hope you be honest within your reports next time. 

    • http://uptill1.com Big N

      What are you talking about? I use 40-50GB’s of data every month and don’t notice any slowdowns at all? do you? if you do, after passing how many GB’s?

  • http://nyo22.wordpress.com/ N.O.22

    Hi there, it just so happens that I called Viva today to inquire about their internet packages, and they said there is a 2GB per day cap. After which your speed slows down.

    • http://uptill1.com Big N

      That explains the 40-50GB without slowdowns. Thanks.

  • http://couchavenue.com Jacqui

    Yeah VIVA is still at 2GB cap per day which is useless since I surpass that in 2 hours and sometimes even less!!!

    • http://uptill1.com Big N

      Hah, if I used mobile data for home use I wouldn’t even last an hour (depending on the speed).but its great for a mobile hotspot in my opinion (tablet/laptop/other phone)


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