Maybe The Coolest Feature in iOS5

3 Nov 2011  2 Comments

There are a lot of small and hidden features in iOS5 that weren’t advertised as much as say the notification drawer or iMessage but this is pretty awesome.

You can create a custom vibration pattern and set it to individual contacts on your iPhone. So now even silently you can know who is calling you without the need to look at your phone.

1. Navigate to the Accessibility menu of iOS 5 (by tapping your Settings app, and selecting General and then Accessibility), and enable Custom Vibrations.

2. Navigate to Settings, Sounds, Vibration to record a custom vibration pattern that will replace the default iPhone vibration.

3. Use the touchscreen to tap out a custom vibration pattern. When you’re finished, tap Stop. To double-check your pattern, press the Play button; then save the pattern with a custom name.

Use the Contacts menu (bottom center) to assign custom vibrations to your friends.

4. To assign a custom vibration pattern to play only when a specific person calls, open the Phone app, switch to the Contacts tab, tap the contact to whom you want to assign a custom vibration, and select Edit, Vibration, Create New Vibration.


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  • Marzouq

    Ok I have to admit that’s pretty cool! Lol

  • Jacqui

    It is cool but I still haven’t abused it well hehe 


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