The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in Kuwait

1 Dec 2011  17 Comments

Galaxy Nexus Kuwait

If you follow me on twitter you would already know that I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android’s latest and greatest  yesterday from Berserk online store.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy SII

As expected the device design looks beautiful, and its just marginally heavier than the Samsung Galaxy SII. The device fits comfortably in the hand and it doesn’t feel huge, even with that 4.65″ screen. The 720p screen looks outstanding, you really notice the bump in resolution.

Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4

There isn’t much of a size difference in size between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S2 as most of the increase in screen size came from removing almost all of the bezel in the Galaxy Nexus and getting rid off al the physical face buttons.

Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S2

The device also feels very snappy, thanks to the vanilla Android experience I guess. Icecream Sandwich is a complete overhaul and is closer to the tablet Android OS than any previous Android release.


Galaxy Nexus in ear headphone

What I wasn’t expecting that the Galaxy Nexus came with a noise isolating in-ear headset that looked very good quality and is not Beats By Dre like some HTC phones but its better than most if not all of the standard headsets out there.

Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4

I’m looking forward to spending more time with my new little friend.


As I said, I got the phone from Berserk online store. Their website isunder construction but they can be reached via Twitter, Facebook and even Google+. I got the device for KD265


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  • Jacqui

    Looks good but didn’t you  want the Galaxy Note?

    • Big N

      Yes you are right, when it was first announced, I thought it was a good idea to have a devices with a 5″+ screen. But after my hands-on, I realized that it wasn’t for me. As you can see the last paragraph in the post.

      Also, the Galaxy Nexus was already announced and I would take a google branded/vanilla android over anything else anytime :)

      • Jacqui

        Yeah I read that but still thought you would grab one ;P  I didn’t like the Samsung S2 because well the battery life drained really quickly!

  • Q8rain

    im not a phone geek … kindly make it easier to us … not everyone is Jacqui ehhehe .. kidding but seriously i dont understand everything about techonology so is this device better than the Iphone and why should i buy it ?? plus why its not available in kuwait ?

    • Big N

      It depends, the Android platform gives you more freedom to dow a lot more stuff than iOS. if you can think it you can do it. Love the widgets on the home screen and how easily I can customize it.
      The device is not available is available in Kuwait, as I said I got it from , if you mean via other shops its because it just got released and it hasn’t arrived yet.

      Hope this helps :)

  • Qortuba Valley

    Mashallah looks amazing, im considering getting one myself :) any arabic support reading and writing ? out of the box ?

    • Big N

      It supports arabic out of the box with perfect formatting from what I can tell so far.
      The screen is not that much bigger than a S2 but looks gorgeous :) 
      vanilla Android is a must for any Android fan :p

      • Qortuba Valley

        Branded to any company ? Or officially unlock and unbranded ?

      • Big N

        Nope not branded and its unlocked

  • Braveheart111847

    the website doesn’t work 

    • Big N

      Berserk’s website? its not up yet, contact them via twitter here!/berserkq8

  • DBS

    I got it from Negri Electronics for KD 221.00

  • Marzouq

    Thats a very sexy phone! Mabrook! 

  • Jak

    Good Morning! can someone please tell me if the Google Nexus 4.65″ screen device is now officially available in Kuwait? If so, kindly let me know where and how much?
    Have a great day!

    • Wessam Khalil

      I know that it is you can buy it now from Electrozan in Kuwait

    • Wessam Khalil

      Here is the link to the required item, sir. 
      but I don’t know the price :D

  • Ahmad

    My friend bought this phone just a week ago and he is in love with it. He keeps on nagging about great it is, so I decided to check it out. I saw it on x-cite: and couldn’t formulate an opinion on whether to buy it or not. Can someone please help me out? 


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