Skydiver Survives Mid-Air Collision And Impact With Ground

5 Dec 2011  2 Comments

This must be the scariest video I’ve seen on YouTube. The guy struggles to get is parachute untangelled for a few thousand feet before hitting the ground but survives to tell the tale.

At 2,500 feet, my jump partner flairs his canopy causing it slow down rapidly. I entangle with it and he cuts away. Unable to fly a ball of nylon effectively, I impact a cornfield breaking my pelvis, back and neck causing instant paralysis. As I lay waiting for help, spinal shock begins to set in paralyzing my diaphragm and breathing on my own becomes impossible. Rescue breathing is performed as I lose consciousness. Paramedics arrive and I’m med-flighted to UW Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where I awake days later after surgery and begin life as a quadriplegic. It’s taken me four and a half years to be able to watch this video.

AlJazeera Sport Online Streaming

5 Dec 2011  No Comments

JazeeraSport Online Streaming

It seems that everybody is joining the online streaming party. After Abu Dhabi Sport made all of the Barclays Premier League matches available online from the beginning of last season, Aljazeera Sport has now the ability to stream all of its 12 channels online.


Not all of the content is available though. As when I was trying to watch last weekends FA Cup matches, I kept getting an error. I hope this gets sorted out and they get the licences for streaming all of their sporting events.

Jazeera Sport Error

Access is currently free. It was implied that it will be free during November only but it is still free as far as I can tell. There is also an iPad app that make up for iOS’s lack of flash support. But I was able to use AirPlay to watch the game on my TV.

AljazeeraSport Airplay

Al-JazeeraSport TV


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