“Are You Serious? We Are Not Struggling”

8 Dec 2011  3 Comments

Manchester United bowed out of the Champion’s League competition a little early this year after their 2-1 defeat to Basel yesterday.

The video above is from the post-match press conference after Sir Alex’s side drew 2-2 with Benfica. The interviewer asks him a question about the best teams in the premier league and why they are “struggling” in Europe. Ferguson after telling him to repeat the question, chuckles and responds with “are you serious?” and then says ” we are not struggling” and then just walks out of the interview.

But what you didn’t know, Sir Alex, the interviewer asked -what now seems- an absolutely legit question.

Audi’s Real Madrid vs Barcelona Ad

8 Dec 2011  No Comments

Audi put up an ad just in time for El Clasico next Saturday (midnight local time) promoting the A1 series.

It is a damn good advertisement.


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