New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

18 Dec 2011  1 Comment

And if you haven’t seen the 6 minute long prologue you can find it here.


Video was taken down, you can still watch it here


An HD version

This Camel Has Something Important To Say

18 Dec 2011  No Comments

Or he just wants to be on TV

PC Build Problem 2: Faulty SSD

18 Dec 2011  2 Comments


I hit another problem during my PC Assembly, this time it is more critical. After installing windows and downloading all the latest drivers I kept getting the blue screen of death “BSOD”. I had no idea why at first, so I started troubleshooting. Rechecked all cable connections and then started downloading the Windows updates one by one, just to make sure its not a driver problem. This took a long while as you would imagine but the problem resurfaced again when I left my PC on overnight. I decided to restart in safe mode and let it run. It ran for a few hours then Windows just freezes and hangs which leads to another BSOD. Another format/reinstallation of windows letting windows run for a few hours and it crashes again. confirming that its a hardware problem. So I am currently waiting for my replacement drive but in the meantime running Windows on a regular HDD. The couple of days that windows ran on SSD were great and I am really hating the magnetic hard drives at the moment.


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