Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

4 Jan 2012  2 Comments

MBP SSD Upgrade 1

After having the problem with my SSD in my PC build a few weeks ago and having to order a new one. I kept experimenting with my “faulty” SSD and see if I missed something. After playing around with it for a few days  discovered that it ran fine as a data drive (opposed to a boot disk). So I thought I might as well try sticking it in my Macbook Pro.

MBP SSD Upgrade 2

I’ve opened up every computer I’ve owned but still I had to research the matter before diving into it. After a quick read it was confirmed that it was pretty straight forward and that I had all the tools necessary for the job.

MBP SSD Upgrade 3

After unscrewing the bottom of the Macbook Pro (I have the unibody 2010 edition) and popping it open, you can see the HDD in the bottom right secured by a latch. removing the latch and the SATA connector completely releases the HDD. And from there its just a matter of replacing the HDD and putting everything back together.

MBP SSD Upgrade 4

There are a number of benefits to having a SSD such as:

  • Speed: boot time is 18 seconds from pressing the power button to read use and having 3 programs running (Pixelmator, Safari and MarsEdit).
  • Silent: Because SSD has no moving pars it is virtually silent and also there is no vibrations.
  • Slightly better battery life.

The 2 major and only disadvantages that SSD have in my opening are price and capacity. but in time we “should” get there.

This is the first day of using the MBP after the upgrade so I’ll be watching if it acts up.



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  • Marzouq

    Mabrook! Now that looks good! I’m always curious about popping open that unibody! 

    • Big N

      its not that complicated, changing RAM and the HDD is a breeze from what I can tell.


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