Gulf Run 7 Car Show

15 Jan 2012  1 Comment

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Yesterday, I barely managed to pass by 360 mall to catch a glimpse of the Gulf Run 7 car show. The event gets bigger and bigger every year. The place was packed like people needed another reason to go to 360 mall. Some lucky winner managed to go home on a Vespa as a result of being the raffle winner.

Ford Gt

They also managed to raise more than 7000KD for Hayat cancer foundation which is great.

GR 7 360 Mall

The display inside the mall was also great with a 8 really cool cars being displayed like the Mercedes SLS, Audi R8 and a beautiful Backdraft AC Cobra.

Backdraft AC Cobra

GR 7 360 Mall 2

GR 7 Car Show


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  • Jacqui

    It was an awesomely insane event filled with sexy cars and amazing awesome weather and atmosphere! 

    It’s a shame didn’t bump into you :P


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