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24 Jan 2012  1 Comment


A few days ago I got an Aramex package containing some iPhone cases the I ordered a couple of months ago via Kickstarter. The i+Case reminds me a lot of the Element Case’s Vapor case for the iPhone that I previously owned. But the i-Case is more compact and I can use 3rd party chargers, A problem I hated when I was using the Vapor.

I+Case 2

I really loved the high quality of the compact screwdriver and the fact it has button extensions. But as it is with this type of cases, you can’t take it off unless you got the miniature screwdriver with you.

I+Case 3

I also dislike the mute button extension, its not as firm and secure in its position as the rest of the case, I’m not sure if its only a problem with that particular case or if it is a design flaw.

I+Case 4

There is also a signal  loss issue according to some users. They confirmed that but its not that serious and I haven’t  noticed it that much. Especially since the iPhone is not my main phone.

I+Case 5

All in all, I really love the case so far and haven’t got any major issues with it during the 18 hours that I have had it installed.

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