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24 Jan 2012  2 Comments

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard

Last week I mentioned that I got the Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet but the keyboard was still stuck in my Aramex’s mailbox back in the States. Yesterday, it arrived and I hooked the keyboard to the tablet which was a easy process and gained some extra functionality.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 2

The device looks great as I mentioned in my tablet post, it is wonderfully built and designed, the keyboard dock fits perfectly into the overall design. Asus did an excellent job.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 3

I still think that the software is a bit lagging. Android ICS 4.0 was just released but also to take into consideration that the physical keyboard form factor isn’t standard. So we’ll se if the developers make use of it.

Asus Transformer Prime + Keyboard 4

I still have to test it out thoroughly before passing final judgment, that might take a couple of weeks.

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  • Samir Al-Haj

    I’ve been in the market lately .. and I couldnt find a screen protector “sticker” for mine .. can you help ?

  • Bingo

    Good Day,
    I am planing to buy this tab..its quiet impressive.. would u recomend me to go for it.. n how much did u get it for..



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