South Korea vs Kuwait 2-0 [Goals]

29 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Our national team bowed out the World Cup 2014 qualifiers after losing to South Korea 2-0. I was a great 1st half with a lot of missed chances. South Korea along with Lebanon advance to the next stage.

Kuwait Paper Dump’s Bot is Your Personal Restaurant Concierge

26 Feb 2012  3 Comments



Kuwait Paper Dump just released a really nifty feature, a twitter bot. Ever had to google a restaurant’s phone number? or had to check what they had on their menu? well, its now hassle free with the KPDbot. Its very simple to use and is a great way to get what you want on a mobile device. Menus and other promotions are received as a PDF file which makes viewing them simple.

All you need to do is follow @KPDBot on twitter and then send your inquiry. There are 2 main commands, either you are looking for a phone number or a menu:

  • To get a PDF menu for the Baking Tray, tweet: @KPDBot menu baking tray
  • And to get the phone number for the baking tray you’ll need to tweet: @KPDBot number baking tray

I think this is a service that I’ll be using a lot.

Kuwait Paper Dump via Kuwaitiful

To get a PDF Menu for Baking Tray, tweet

An Open Day at Kuwait Air Force’s Ali Al-Salim Airbase

26 Feb 2012  1 Comment

Airforce Open Day

Last Thursday there was an open day event held at Ali Al-Salim Airbase in collaboration with United States Air Force that also had a number of aircraft in the event. A lot of people and a lot of planes there. I saw an F-16, F-18, Hawk, Apache, Black Hawk, Puma, Super Puma, Gazelle, C-130 (Hercules), C-17 among others.

Airforce Open Day Apache  2

I really think they should do more of these. Or better yet, they should do a proper aviation exhibit that also has civilian airplanes.

Airforce Open Day C 17  6

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Toshiba Portégé Z835 Ultrabook

26 Feb 2012  2 Comments

Toshiba Z835 1

Got the Toshiba Portégé Z835 a few weeks back (during info connect). That device is really light, lighter than a macbook air even. The image above is if the Toshiba Z835(left) next to my 15″ Macbook pro (right). Its got an i5 CPU clocked at 1.6Ghz, 4GB of RAM, 128 SSD storage drive 13.3″ LED screen, SD card reader, HDMI port and USB 3.0.

Toshiba Z835 3

I really do think that laptops should be light and portable. That’s he whole purpose of a laptop. As soon as you start wanting it to do more, it starts getting heavier and bigger. Anyone that wants to do intensive tasks should get a desktop. The bigger screen, better graphics card and CPU all at a better price point is much nicer offer.

Toshiba Z835 2

The Z835 i a light, portable laptop with a very good battery (4-4:30 hours). You can’t tell if you have it in your backpack or not due to how light it is. Got it from XCite for 345KD during Info Connect. Then got another one for 349KD from their showroom.


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50 Very Sensible Goals

24 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is one of the rare videos that truly contains the best goals scored and is also wonderfully edited. A joy to watch.

Syria: The horror of Homs, A city at war

24 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is one of the most moving videos about the situation in Syria that has been going on for almost a year now.


Hercules is an Idiot

19 Feb 2012  No Comments

Or maybe its just Kevin Sorbo the star of the 90′s TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journey. He completely misreads the script. He actually reads the word disappointed, when he was supposed to “sound” disappointed.

Using a Mobile Device as a Desktop Computer

19 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is what using a capable modern mobile device (in this case the Galaxy Nexus) as a desktop PC. Connection that are used are:

  • Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter (supports audio)
  • 3.5mm Audio caple (optional. as HDMI has audio)
  • Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard/Apple Magic Trackpad

With mobile devices getting more  powerful with each release, and HTC already rumored to release the first quad-core phone. The days of having a separate desktop PC are numbered except for hardcore gamers and professionals. Phones like the Motorola Atrix tried to harness the power of current generation mobile devices by releasing a “lapdock” for their phone.

Even Asus think that phones are pretty capable devices. They showed-off  the “Padphone” concept phone last year where you slide the phone in a tablet casing making it a full fledged tablet.

What I think this needs is induction charging and a wireless display technology to get rid of all the wires. This might not get me hooked, but I know a few users that like the extra real-estate that a desktop PC gives them, and this might be the answer.

A more detailed video can be found [here].



Pizza Hut Celebrates Kuwait’s National Holidays by Making Kuwaitis Fatter

16 Feb 2012  No Comments

Pizza Hut Kuwait um “assembled”  one huge Kuwaiti flag themed pizza in celebration of the Kuwaiti holidays.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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