Kuwait Paper Dump’s Bot is Your Personal Restaurant Concierge

26 Feb 2012  3 Comments



Kuwait Paper Dump just released a really nifty feature, a twitter bot. Ever had to google a restaurant’s phone number? or had to check what they had on their menu? well, its now hassle free with the KPDbot. Its very simple to use and is a great way to get what you want on a mobile device. Menus and other promotions are received as a PDF file which makes viewing them simple.

All you need to do is follow @KPDBot on twitter and then send your inquiry. There are 2 main commands, either you are looking for a phone number or a menu:

  • To get a PDF menu for the Baking Tray, tweet: @KPDBot menu baking tray
  • And to get the phone number for the baking tray you’ll need to tweet: @KPDBot number baking tray

I think this is a service that I’ll be using a lot.

Kuwait Paper Dump via Kuwaitiful

To get a PDF Menu for Baking Tray, tweet

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    Enjoy! :)

  • Reem2020

    I like how small and creative ideas such as this flourish  

  • Sunny

    I like how small creative business ideas flourish :)


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