The Sony Xperia S: Hands On

11 Mar 2012  3 Comments

Sony Xpera S

The first Sony mobile phone after the SonyEricsson split is here. The Sony Xperia S is the latest flagship device from Sony. The 4.3″ 1280×720 screen looks gorgeous and the 12mp camera is not too shabby.

The overall design is very good as well. Sony has decided to go with a micro-sim standard. The device also has a non-replaceable battery.

Sony Xpera S 2

The dual-core 1.5ghz snapdragon CPU feels snappy. But it might be considered that its slightly lacking with quad-core phones such as the HTC One X are less than a month away.

Left (Galaxy Nexus) Middle (Xperia S) Right Galaxy S2


Xpera S 1

Sony Xpera S

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  • Kal

    man, this is the only Android I want! sexy device!

  • Marzouq

    You just had to didn’t you! U just couldn’t wait! looool! (Impulse Buy!)

    I’m going to wait for the HTC One X.. I just can’t resist a good HTC Device! 

  • Dalia

    I never really owned a Sony phone. However, I am planing to give it a try soon. I heard that the Xperia S is a fabulous phone. And after checking it out here on X-cite’s website,
    I couldn’t think of a better phone,with so many features.


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