Proud To Be Kuwaiti Not So Proud?

14 Mar 2012  5 Comments

Last Saturday was the last day of Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2BK) event. The place was over packed and they only allowed families in which caused chaos at the main entrance with single guys being denied entry.

While I was there, what caught my eye was that well established international franchises such as Taco Bell and Haagen Dasz where present at the event and in the main hall.

Also, with the event being called "Proud To Be A Kuwaiti" I found it ironic that a Saudi company was present at the event too.

Not only did the event had a number of new startups but also a bunch of familiar faces too. There was a lot of food stuff that were mostly offloaded to a separate tent and not in the main hall.

I’m sure that the 5th year of PB2K broke attendance records but I also think that it lost its identity. I really like the original idea and I hope they get back on track.

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  • 7ajidude
    • Big N

      What kills me that they turned down other Kuwaiti startups for more regional recognition. That is cool but your event is called “Proud to be KUWAITI” so by having participants from the gulf make it an Oxymoron.

      I love the idea behind PB2K, always have and always will. But I thought it is more about the little “Kuwaiti” guy than big international corporation.

  • Kal

    couldn’t have said it any better!

  • Sunny

    I cant agree more. I also thought that the event can be organized better especially the food booths nevertheless it was a great chance to see some new creative Kuwaiti ideas blooming there.

  • Marzouq

    At the end of the day they want to get the recognition even if its costs them the little guy, I honestly didn’t go this year or a have a clue when it was but I do hope they improve because it was a great concept to start with! 


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