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8 Apr 2012  4 Comments

Sony PS Vita 3

Being a gamer, I was thinking of getting the PS Vita ever since it was announced. But because of the underwhelming sales I thought I should hold out for a while anticipating a price cut just like what happened with the Nintendo 3DS. But I was caught of guard when I saw that XCITE were selling the 3G version for 105KD which was a very good price. The first thing you notice on any device these days is the screen. And the PS Vita’s 5″ 960×544 bright and crisp screen is just great.

Sony PS Vita 4

The second analog stick is a godsend. People were asking for it ever since the release of the original PSP. Having it makes gaming much more natural especially if you are a console gamer since both XBOX and The Playstation both have dual analog sticks.

Sony PS Vita 9

The console has just been released so the game library isn’t that big at the moment. You can play the games either via a physical game card or a digital download which is my favorite. The problem is the the PS Vita doesn’t come with any built-in memory so you would have to buy a memory card if you plan to download games, demos or even watch movies.

Sony PS Vita 10

The battery is a problem with the device. During my gaming sessions I managed to get 3 hours max from a fully charge battery, that was with full brightness, wifi on and no sim card installed.

Sony PS Vita 5

All in all I would say that the PS Vita is a pretty capable device that would be better if there was a bigger game selection but I’m sure that will be coming along on the near future.

Sony PS Vita 1

Sony PS Vita 2

Sony PS Vita 6

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  • Marzouq

    You really want to like it don’t you! Lol

    • Big N

      Is it that obvious? LOL

  • Jacqui

    Looks great I was intrigued when I saw it recently and it came onto my “want” list but I don’t do much gaming so I can’t justify it yet I might wait until end of year when the real Xmas cuts happen and you get lower prices :D

    • Big N

      I definitely see the non 3g version coming down to $200 this christmas if not even E3. Also, as I said, there aren’t enough AAA games to justify the purchase.


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