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9 Apr 2012  5 Comments


Smash Burger Kuwait 1

Yesterday we went to try out the newly opened Smashburger in The Village in Abo AlHasani. It adds yet another burger place to an impressive burger joints here in Kuwait.

It is the same as the other top tier burger places where they serve fresh ingredients and bun. I was intrigued by the “Kuwait Burger” but after reading that it had Lebnah in it I decided to go with something else so I got the classic which was pretty good. I also liked the rosemary “Smash Fries”.

Smash Burger Kuwait 2

I still prefer Shake Shack and Elevation Burger over Smashburger, but it is battling with Fat Burger for the 3rd spot. Little Ruby’s has excellent burgers as well. I have a problem with its location though as its easily crowded and somewhat far. It is located right next to Upper Crust, another place I haven’t tried yet.

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  • Marzouq

    Honestly not the biggest fan! Heard the burger is dry!

  • Hamoud Al-Sabah

    i hope some blogger will express a truthful review on smash burger, i asked a couple of guys and no one will think of going back to that place…… if we want to support the entrepreneurs tell them the truth and let them work on their products so i apologize if im being harsh i just hope this msg reaches them

    • Big N

      Hey Hamoud, thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you that you have to be truthful in order to help/support any kind business. I’ve always tried to tell what I think and be truthful when I write about something. I usually don’t review a place especially a restaurant from a single meal, that’s why the post is labeled ”impression” and not a review. I like to try a number of dishes before giving my final opinion and that goes double if a lot of what i have heard/read contradicts what I experienced in that place. But also keep in mind that its a matter of a personal taste and we all like different tastes.
      But I’m definitely going back their for a proper review and you’ll be the first to know what I think :D

      • Hamoud Al-Sabah

        3asaa alah ewafeg el jemeee3 oo best of luck and thanks for your reply ;)

  • Jacqui

    I think my problem was the bun it was too oily and felt like too much I pretty much prefer Elevation Burger’s fries and burgers to Shake Shack but Smash burger will be a burger place to grab a burger if I’m insanely hungry and want the convenience of location since it’s nearby.


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