The Lens Cups

9 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Lens Cup 1

I’ve had these lens cups for a couple of years now and I have been using small one as pen holders as I hate the metallic innards of the mug. I really can’t remember where exactly I got them from but they are pretty wide spread at the moment and available at a number of online retailers now and easy to find. The quality isn’t that great as the as the lens/cup cover doesn’t stagy on for the black small cup which is irritating even though I don’t use the cover.

Lens Cup 2

You can get those 2 cup from Photojojo even though it isn’t the place I got it from. The black 24-105mm lens cup is sold for almost 6.5KD and the white 70-200mm travel mug will cost you 8.5KD.


Lens Cup 4

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    Thats pretty cool!!


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