But Google, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

2 Aug 2012  1 Comment

Last week, Google released the pricing details of their new Google Fiber  high speed internet service. The service will rollout in just 2 US cities, Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri (just a few feet apart).

So how fast is high speed you ask? in Kuwait, most residential areas top out at 8 Mbps for DSL lines and if you are of the lucky few who have access to fiber connection you can go up to 48 Mbps and that’s just the down-stream. Up stream is limited to 5 Mbps on fiber and just 1 Mbps on DSL.

Google Fiber fiber on the other hand has just one speed, and its 1 Gbps. Yes that is 1024 Mbps. That’s more than 100 times faster than our DSL connection. And it also offers 1Gbps up-stream as well with no caps what so ever.

So how much does this ridiculous internet connection speeds cost you say? Here 8 Mbps connection costs KD320-330 annually and I have no idea how much does the 48 Mbps fiber subscription costs. WIMD’s 15 Mbps is KD870 with a KD250 installation fee. Google is charging $70 (~KD20) a month with a $300 (~KD85) one time construction fee that is waived if you commit for 1 year. If you pay the $300 setup fee you get free 5 Mbps down 1 Mbps up internet connection for life (7 years guaranteed).

Google also is offering a Internet+TV package for $120 (~KD35) with a waived $300 installation fee if you commit for 2 years. What will you get other than the insanely fast 1Gbps internet and and some TV channels? well you’ll get a TV box that doubles as a Wi-Fi access point to extend the range of your network it is also bluetooth enabled so that you can pair up keyboards, headphones and mice with it. You also get a 2 TB storage box to store your recorded programs, it can hold up to 500 hours of HDTV and you can record up to 8 channels at the same time. You will also get a free Nexus 7 ($200 dollar value) and a 1TB Google Drive subscription ($50 monthly value).

There is a certain percentage of people per neighborhood that have to pre-register so that they are eligible for the service.

Living in Kansas City (both of them) suddenly got very tempting.

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