Samsung Flies Two Bloggers To Berlin’s IFA Event And Threatens To Leave Them There

3 Sep 2012  No Comments


A few months back Samsung sent out emails to a number of Kuwaiti bloggers looking for “Partners” if I remember correctly. They offered to send you –if you were selected-  to  major events and have exclusive news in regards to Samsung products. In return they wanted you to become their mouth piece.

They didn’t exactly say that but that was the conclusion of the conversation with the representatives. All the bloggers that I know turned them down but 2 Indian bloggers weren’t so lucky and agreed to join Samsung’s Mobilers program .

Jeff and another blogger agreed to be flown to Berlin as a reporter to cover both Samsung’s announcement and the whole IFA event. He was supposed to return back home on the 6th but the reservation was cancelled and and was threatened to be left stranded in Germany and pay his own accommodation bills after refusing to wear a Samsung blue t-shirt and sit in the Samsung booth all day.

More details at TNW

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