The iPhone 5

23 Sep 2012  1 Comment

iPhone 5  

So I managed to get my hand on a brand new iPhone 5. The first thing you notice one you first hold the device is how light it is compared to the previous iPhone 4/S. It feels as light as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

iPhone 5 taller

The second thing you notice is that the device is taller, it might not be much in numbers but you certainly notice the 16:9 aspect ration and that makes the iPhone 5 feel really slim in you hands.

iPhone 5 Thickness

It is also slimmer and noticeable if you are used to putting your thumb on the side of the iPhone. Not by much though.

iPhone 5 Back

The new back is much more beautiful than the previous “All Glass” which was really stupid in my opinion. The clack finish looks even better.

iPhone 5 Lightning

The new smaller “lightning” port that would certainly render all your iPhone/iPod accessories useless is also on the new device. On the plus side, there is no way to plug in the cable upside down with this port.

iPhone 5 Headphone Port

The 3.5mm headphone jack also shifted to the bottom of the device.

iPhone 5 Ear Pods 

The iPhone 5 comes with a brand new earphones that Apple stupidly calls the “EarPods” that should really increase sound quality. This is a highly welcomed addition as the previous Apple headphones were horrendous.

iPhone 5 Buttons

I really wished they kept the phone as thick as the previous generation and increased battery life. Phones are getting thinner and thinner but they hardly last a full day without you looking for a wall socket or carrying and external battery to charge your devices. But this is a problem with all current generation phones and not just Apple’s.

iPhone 5 Metal

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    Simply gorgeous! Can’t wait to receive mine tomorrow, just cleared customs!


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