My Android Mini PC/Media Center

17 Oct 2012  No Comments

Android Mini PC 1

I got my Android mini PC a maybe a couple of months ago. The main idea behind getting it was making it an Apple TV replacement as I have 3 Apple TVs and wanted to try out a new platform as a media center/entertainment device.

With the Google TV being useless outside the US. I looked for a replacement android device that would do the job. I first was hinting about using my LG G2X Android phone that has a HDMI out but I came across the nifty little device, The Android Mini PC.

Android Mini PC 3

The device is much smaller than any smartphone. Packs a 1GHz cortex A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, built-in WiFi, HDMI out, Micro SD card slot, full size USB 2.0 slot and a USB OTG slot with an included adapter.

Android Mini PC 2

The device is capable of outputting full 1080p video and on the spec sheet it says its even able to output 2160p video. The USB slot is excellent. I managed to hook up a mouse and a keyboard. And then I was able to connect my Azio wireless keyboard that also haas a thumb-stick and makes controlling the Android interface much easier.

Android Mini PC 4

It is great for watching YouTube videos or even those not so officially downloaded movies and tv shows. The UI is very easy to navigate as its a standard Android ICS 4.0.

Android Mini PC 5

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