Real Veal Burger – RV Burger

3 Jan 2013  1 Comment

RV Burger

Yesterday was the official opening of Real Veal Burger. I was really eager to try out the place as a burger junky and I wasn’t disappointed.

RV Burger 2

Firs off were the appetizers/side dishes. We tried 3 out of the 4 possible side dishes. The regular fries were good but the chili cheese fries and the fried mushrooms were great. I am definitely sticking with the later 2 for my next order.

RV Burger 3

The burger is one thick patty that is juicy and supper tender. The meat is so tender that the patty actually falls apart but tastes great. My recommendation is to go for the single patty and always have mustard in a burger ALWAYS.

RV Burger is located in 52 Degrees – Al-Tilal Mall

Tel: 22254569

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  • Marzouq

    I tried their burger, it was really good!

    Those shots are just ridiculous! The chilli fries were awesome!


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