Sony’s New “Football Mode” Might Be The Reason To Buy A New TV

13 May 2013  No Comments

Sony Bravia Football

Sony revealed a new TV feature in its upcoming Bravia line that will be welcomed by football fans. “Football Mode” will let you cancel out the commentator’s voice and leave you with the sweet stadium sounds. It heavily depends on the quality of the audio stream and how it compares to the acoustics of the Sao Paolo stadium where Sony did there testing.

This is a really exciting new feature and gives the user more options, instead of muting the TV or choosing between 2 really annoying commentators.

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Turn Your Android Phone Into A Mobile Console: The GameKlip

6 May 2013  1 Comment

GameKlip SMB3

If you think that touch control mobile gaming is taking too much out of the screen and doesn’t give the player enough control then let me introduce you to the GameKlip.

The GameKlip lets you physically attach a PS3 controller to your smartphone and with software like Sisxaxis Controller you can connect your controller to your phone if it is supported.

Getting everything up and running isn’t too difficult but isn’t plug-and-play either. For android touch enabled games you would need to configure each game separately. And for emulator is just setting up the controller in the emulator settings.

GameKlip Sonic2

The downside of the GameKlip is the entry price is high. You have to own a PS3 controller for this to work, and if you don’t want to keep pairing your controller with your phone and console regularly then you should have an extra controller which costs by itself and add to that the cost of the GameKlip.

The bottom line is if your are really accustomed to the PS3 controller and would love to use it as part of your Android gaming then the GameKlip is for you.





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