10 Days With The Pebble SmartWatch

26 Jun 2013  1 Comment



I got my Pebble Smartwatch just over a week ago and it hasn’t left my wrist since. I really like what this little thing has to offer that it made me wear watches again. At its current state, the device links to either an Android or iOS device and offer basic information such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp (Android) and Caller ID notifications. You can also take it up a notch on android and download Augmenter SmartWatch Pro from the PlayStore and gives you a lot more functionality  like Twitter, Weather, any notification on your phone and it can also displays your Fitbit information.

The screen is great. It is really sharp and was visible any brightness thanks to the e-ink display. For darker situations the pebble also has a backlight. Battery life is also very good. The longest I went without a recharge was 3.5 days and I haven’t gotten the low battery warning. It should go up to 5 days.

Pebble Kickstarter

The Pebble keeps evolving as time goes by. New apps are being released and thanks to the recently released SDK it gives developers access to a lot more, especially in the hardware side. I would recommend getting one but Sony just announced they will be releasing a newer version of their smartwatch in a few months. 

The Pebble will cost you $150 and available for  pre-order at Pebble’s website

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