I Got To Get Me One Of These For My Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Aug 2011  No Comments

My guess this will also work on a number of other devices. It’s cool how you can increase the functionality of your device with a simple cable.

iPhone 4 Mophie Case

3 Oct 2010  7 Comments

I preordered the Mophie case for the iPhone 4 a few of weeks ago and it got delivered last week. Its no secret that the iPhone 4′s battery is horrible and there is no way it will last a day on a single charge (unless you switch off everything). But with this case I get a day of usage without looking for a wall socket everywhere I go.

The case almost doubles the capacity of the the phones battery giving me a usable phone instead of a paper weight starting from 4pm.

The new case design is a lot better than the old (3G/3GS) one. its looks a lot sleeker and less bulky. As you can see from the pics, it gives it extra length at the bottom and your phone will be slightly thicker.

The Mophie Case is $80 excluding tax and shipping.

Worst Valentine’s Gift Ever – The Hug-E-Gram

14 Feb 2010  4 Comments

When I first saw this I thought that is was just a joke. To my surprise, they actually do sell this thing.

The fact that this seriously exists and is being advertised is very sad.

Its also available in 3 colors for the low price of $29.99


Kuwait’s “lets forget 2009″ List

6 Jan 2010  17 Comments

On a more candid note after my post about 2009, somethings that might have been around before 2009, but may have gotten slightly out of hand.

Number 1 : RIM’s breakthru into the Kuwaiti market with their Blackberry’s. Its hard to have a conversation with an owner of these devices without being interrupted by furiously rapid texting or beeps emerging from the phone. Do they realize they can have the same data plan with any smartphone and use any social networking/chatting program to the same effect?

Click below for the rest of 2009′s lets forget list. Continue Reading

Portable Speakers: iHome Mini Vs. X-Mini II *UPDATE*

29 Dec 2009  5 Comments


A few weeks ago, both Frankom and Qortuba posted about 2 different models of portable speakers, the iHome and the X-mini II. And because I’ve got both models I thought I might do a comparison.

The iHome is a 2 speakers that has a cool storage mechanism, and and they are a bit smaller than the X-mini II (see picture above). And because its 2 speakers you get stereo sound.


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Miscelleanous Items – iPhone to Carbon Fiber to Red Eyes

3 Dec 2009  7 Comments

With the Carbon Fiber fad still coming on strong, and the iPhone fad even stronger, you can find this carbon fiber iPhone case at geeky-gadgets.com.


Buy it from here.

If you want to feel the ultimate carbon fiber wrapped around your body all day at the office, you have the Authentic Ferrari F360 Challenge Carbon FIber Office Chair.


If you have $8,000 dollars you dont know what to spend on, buy it from here.

Want to use your iPhone/iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD, etc..?


Download the free app from the iTunes App Store and buy this hardware from here.

Want Android 2.1? Even weirder Carbon Fiber stuff? More than an iPhone case? Want to drive real fast but safe? Then read below. Continue Reading

Don’t Lose Hope – Fix it Yourself

13 Sep 2009  3 Comments


Ever dropped your cell phone in water? Ever had to replace an iPod because of battery problems? How about spilling liquid on a laptop? These, and many other everyday nuisances occur to us all the time. And we usually end up fully replacing the ‘defected’ object. But wait, I read this article on MSN and it seemed very helpful for alot of these problems. Even stuff like reviving a stuck LCD panel are included. Check out the article right here.

Random Information of the Day : So there was the dotcom bubble, then in Kuwait we had the Sushi bubble and currently we are experiencing the cupcake/cookie bubble. But did you know that our last “bubble” (sushi and sashimi) is in the top 5 list of most foods to contain parasites? Some foods to ponder over here.

The Buyers Guide for Men

19 Aug 2009  No Comments


www.uncrate.com is a great website for men. As they describe it  “Uncrate is a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Our team finds the best gadgets, clothes, cars and more so you can blow your rent money easier. Updated daily.”

I added it to my google reader recently and it hasnt let me down yet.

thanks bo-shaikha

OLED Keyboard Optimus Maximus Is Here

23 Feb 2008  No Comments

From Endgadget

A small adjustable OLED screen on every button can give you an infinite customization options(great for gaming), Maximus Optimus have been announced earlier but Endgadget got there hand on one with a like it or hate it 1st impression.

Via Endgadget

What Did My Professor Say !?

29 Jan 2008  1 Comment

Livescribe Smartpen

Don’t worry if you are just to slow to write everything the professor said, LiveScripe Smartpen can save your day by just tapping on what you wrote so far then the built-in audio recorder will take you back to that part you missed, this will only work on the special livescribe dotted paper.

Via I4U


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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