The All in One App Every Rooted Android User Should Get

14 Feb 2012  3 Comments

ROM Toolbox Pro 1

If you are an Android user and you have already rooted your device, then you must already have downloaded a bunch of apps to make use of the root like a root file browser, backup programs, ROM managers, CPU over clocking customization apps and the list goes on.

ROM Toolbox Pro 2

But what if you can get all of this functionality in one super app? Thanks to Jarred Rummler you can. Below is the list of features in the app:

  • ROM Manager
  • App Manage (think titanium backup)
  • Root file explorer
  • Scripter and Terminal Emulator
  • Auto Start Manager
  • Ad Blocker
  • App2SD
  • Rebooter
  • Font Installer
  • Boot Animation installer
  • Theme Manager
  • Icon Manager
  • Boot Logo Manager
  • Theme Chooser
  • CPU Sliders
  • Auto Memory Manager
  • Build.prop Tweaks
  • SD Boost

ROM Toolbox Pro 3

I’ve already installed it on my Galaxy Nexus. The app costs $6 and I think its worth every penny.

Google, This Should Have Been On Android Since Day One

7 Feb 2012  1 Comment

I have no idea why Google needed all these years to get this on android but they finally releasing Chrome for Android. Google claims better smoother performance and now you can view your open tabs from your desktop (using Chrome for desktop of course) and also sync you bookmarks.

It is still in beta and doesn’t support all countries or devices but you still get it via installing the apk file.

Download it [here].


10 Apps for 10 Cents Each

7 Dec 2011  2 Comments

Android Market 10 Cents

With the celebration of the 10th billion Android Market download, Google is offering a deal by putting 10 top rated apps for 10 cents each that will change daily for a period of 10 days.

So if you haven’t purchased any of the apps before purchasing them now will coast you a total of just a little over 250 fils.

Android Market

Android’s Best Keyboard Just Got Better

28 Nov 2011  No Comments

SwiftKey X

One of the best features of Android is that if you don’t like anything in the OS you can easily change it. Android’s default keyboard is pretty good, but not as good as SwiftKey X. It is the best keyboard I have ever used on any platform. One of my main gripes with SwiftKey X was that it didn’t support arabic. But with the latest update They included an Arabic keyboard. So now I don’t have to switch to keyboard every time I want to type anything in Arabic.

SwiftKey X is currently on sale on the Android Market and is being sold for $2 (down from $4).


Sandbox Your Android To Protect It

6 Nov 2011  No Comments

Every time my kids see me holding any of my phones, they immediately want to mess around with it. And when giving it to them, they will notice if the phone is pin-locked and will ask demand that I unlock it. The problem is they might call, tweet, sms, delete apps or photos if they are unsupervised.

Famingo Sandbox is an Android app just for that purpose, which makes giving your phone to your kids , much less of a hassle.


Android Market


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