Flipping a Raw Burgers

19 Dec 2012  No Comments

Too Raw?

The Cat That Can Fly

9 Dec 2012  No Comments

Or maybe not.

The Most Confused Duck in The World

27 Aug 2012  No Comments

Confused Duck

Talk about blending in.

Is This Considered As Playing With Your Food?

6 Aug 2012  No Comments

I think it’s a good idea to have turkeys instead of people as audience in sitcoms.


22 Mar 2012  No Comments

The guy stuck his GoPro to a  customized backpack made for dogs. It gives a first umm dogs view of the trip they took in LA. Just throw in a couple of guns and the next installment of Call of Duty is set.

This Camel Has Something Important To Say

18 Dec 2011  No Comments

Or he just wants to be on TV

The Gaming Lizard

14 Dec 2011  No Comments

Its just a bearded dragon relaxing and playing some games on its android phone.

Duck Band

16 Nov 2011  1 Comment

Not really sure whats going on here.

Is It Messi? Is It Ronaldo? No, It’s Just A Dog

26 Oct 2011  No Comments

During a football match in Colombia, A canine decided to enter the pitch to show-off his moves. The dog outmaneuvered the players, officials and the staff on the field with some impressive display of skill. It took them over 3 minutes to get the dog off the pitch.

Its Sunday, Be Happy

23 Oct 2011  No Comments

Happy Horse

Or at least try your best.


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