That is One Happy Gorilla

17 Sep 2011  1 Comment

King Kong never knew what it was like to live like this.

Cows Love Jazz

11 Sep 2011  No Comments

I expected one of the cows to stand up and start a slow clap at the end.

Cooling Off Like An Orangutan

22 Aug 2011  No Comments

Even animals are finding new ways to deal with the heat.

Weightless Cats

21 Jul 2011  No Comments


Taking cats on zero gravity trips, is cute but whats the point of that?

The Little Thief

26 Jun 2011  No Comments

The video shows a seagull stealing a GoPro video camera and flying away with it. He then examines the camera and decides that its not that interesting

The Quest For Cat Cuteness

20 Jun 2011  1 Comment

Is this what really going on behind the scenes when filming most of those YouTube cat videos?

A Cow With An Identity Crisis

7 Apr 2011  1 Comment

That poor cow was brainwashed. But I have a feeling it would make some awesome burgers.


13 Mar 2011  1 Comment


Sunday Post. Cheer up, 5 days to go.


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