Apple’s Time Capsule Released, Works With External HDD’s

3 Mar 2008  No Comments


Apple’s time capsule has been released just as Apple said it would – by February – cutting it real close. The NAS/Wireless router device that feature a 500GB or a 1TB of storage, wireless-n, gigabit ethernet and a usb port for the now confirmed HDD back-up using Time Machine.

So now I’m just waiting for it to pop-up at Amazon.

Apple Updates Macbook/Pro Line

27 Feb 2008  No Comments


As we reported a few weeks ago, Apple today updated its Macbook and MBP lines. Macbook now tops at 2.4GHz while the MBP comes with 2.4 and a 256MB Graphic card as a standard and tops at 2.6Ghz with 512MB Graphic card. Also a nice addition to the MBP is the multi-touch.

The Apple remote is now no longer included in the package and considered an accessory which can be bought for $19, also no multi-touch for the Macbook – bummer.

Best iPhone Clone

9 Feb 2008  No Comments

Check out this video of an iPhone rip-off, it must be the best copy to date. From looks to UI, and it’s dual sim capable to, video after the break.

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New MBP’s Coming?

9 Feb 2008  1 Comment


Rumors are circulating that Apple might unveil a new and improved MBP line on the 26th of this month ( with the iPhone SDK announcement). The alleged upgrade should include the Penryn chip, SSD optional upgrade and the oh so famous Mac Book Air’s Multi-Touch Trackpad.

of course nothing is official, but we can only hope

via 9to5mac

MacBook Air Technical Difficulties Reported

6 Feb 2008  No Comments


SlashGear has the details on some technical difficulties on wireless connectivity and they provided us with some solutions.

via SlashGear

Unlock your 1.1.2 IPhone via HW

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This piece of HW allegedly unlocks your 1.1.2 IPhone if soldered correctly and it is available for 30$, I think this is what we previously posted on a HW hack for the firmware.

via RegHardware

16GB Apple iPhone And 32GB iPod Touch

5 Feb 2008  No Comments


Today Apple has increased the storage in their iPhone/iPod touch devices to 16/32 GB respectively. the prices are as follows:


8GB = $399

16GB = $499

iPod Touch:

8GB = $299

16GB = $399

32GB = $499


Skype For Apple TV !

3 Feb 2008  No Comments

Skype TV

I don’t know why you need there but it can be done,for now, Endgadget suggested earlier today.

via endgadget

IPhone 1.1.3 Jailbreak update

28 Jan 2008  2 Comments


Yet still with limitations, it requires "a v1.1.2 jailbroken device with the BSD Subsystem v1.5 or greater installed" as endgadget informed and added a link for the jailbreak software..

via endgadget

New Toys From The Apple Boys!

16 Jan 2008  No Comments

Ok, so what was new from apple? here is a list of what Steve Jobs told the world yesterday:

1) Time Capsule   

A wireless-n router + a NAS this might be the best news I’ve heard in el jobso’s keynote. I’m defiantly going to get me one of these, but there is some talk that it can’t be used as a full NAS just an add-on for Time-Machine backup utility. Guess I’ll have to wait and see before I rush into it. It’s completely wireless and it comes in 2 flavors 500GB and 1TB and they will be selling $299 and $499 respectively and it will be shipping the beginning of February.[Link]

timecapsule_125_080115 timecapsuleback

2) iPhone and iPod Touch Update:

So he talked about the 1.1.3 like we didn’t know about it. Here is the list of the new features:

- New maps with location support – its not as accurate as GPS but its the next best thing. Using wifi and cell tower triangulation to find you + new hybrid view and you can drop a pin anywhere on the map drag it and calculate best route to that location from your current location.

- Web clips – you can bookmark a webpage or even a certain part of a page and have it on your home screen(s).

- Home screen Customization – hold any icon for a couple of second and it start jiggling, then you can drag them around to arrange up to 9 home screens.

- SMS multiple people at once – does exactly that.

- Video chapter, subtitle and language support for videos – you can skip to certain chapters or have different audio track or switch on or off your subtitles.

- Lyrics support – displays lyrics on the album art.

Plus the iPod touch will also have new applications already found on the iPhone such as weather, stocks, mail, notes and maps for $20. now thats just not fare don’t you think?[Link]


3) iTunes Movie Rentals:

Watch out Netflix, now you can rent over 1000 titles online and watch them on any iPod or iPhone or Mac, there are library titles and new releases, they will cost $2.99 and $3.99 for the SD version and for the HD you just add $1.

4) New Apple TV:

Jobs admitted that apple have failed with the apple TV.But they’re fixing it, by taking the PC or Mac out of the equation. The new Apple TV can rent movies watch YouTube videos .Mac pictures or videos and Flickr photos without the need of a PC or a Mac. now that’s a step in the right direction. Previous owners will get a free update.[Link]


5) Macbook Air

The new overpriced ultra-thin light-as-AIR laptop, is damn sexy! but it has its drawbacks. as Heema mentioned the battery is sealed in. Not only that but the HDD and the RAM and everything else too. It’ s the world thinnest laptop so i guess they did compromise. but it has a full size keyboard an iSight 2GB ram 1.6-1.8Ghz Core Duo CPU, 80 HDD or 64 SSD for an extra $1000 Yikes!.[Link]


To watch the keynote here is the link.


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