iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

18 Oct 2011  No Comments

Are you the kind of guy that drops his phone constantly? the video will shows what will happen if you drop your iPhone 4/S from various heights vs the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The outcome is predictable as the iPhone’s glass finish is more prone to breaking than the lighter plastic finish of the SGS2.

iPhone 4S Buying Guide

11 Oct 2011  3 Comments

iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has been up for preorder since the 7th. And should start shipping in the 14th. If you are planning to get your hands on one as soon as possible here are few hints.

The iPhone 4S will be released on the14th in only 6 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan) if you happen to be in one of those countries and willing to wait whole day in line for it you will be able to get your hand on the iPhone 4S for the following prices:

iPhone 4S Price in UK:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 212.71
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 255.33
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 297.96

iPhone 4S Price in France:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 230.48
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 270.78
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 311.09

iPhone 4S Price in Germany:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 230.48
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 270.78
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 311.09

iPhone 4S Price in Canada:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 175
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 200
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 230

iPhone 4S Price in Australia:
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD 220
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 250
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 275

iPhone 4S Price in USA:
Carrier unlocked phones will be available in November
iPhone 4S 16GB – KWD180
iPhone 4S 32GB – KWD 205
iPhone 4S 64GB – KWD 235

If you have someone in Canada then you are lucky. But if you are ordering online your best bet is to order from Apple UK as they ship to forwarding addresses last time I checked. But keep in mind the the first batch of phones is currently out of stock and the next batch should be here in 1-2 weeks according to all of Apple’s online stores.

By the end of October, The iPhone 4S will be available in 22 more countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein,Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) and the rest of the market (i.e. UAE)  by December. No word on pricing though.

October is One Geeky Month

5 Oct 2011  No Comments


We just heard yesterday from Apple the specs of the latest iPhone 4S. Next week its Samsung and Google’s turn to announce the anticipated Nexus Prime/Galaxy, a rumored 4.65″ screen with 720P Super Amoled Plus display And from the teaser video it looks like it will have a curved screen. And by the end of the month Nokia world will be taking place and we should see the first Nokia Windows Mobile Phone device. I hope they don’t reveal something too awesome or that means I’ll be broke this month. That’s not taking into account the Amazon’s Kindle Fire that was announced last week.

Watch Siri in Action

4 Oct 2011  No Comments

Apple iPhone 4S exclusive feature is voice control done by Siri. Siri is a company purchased by apple back in April of 2010 and just made its way into the iOS.

Sign Documents Digitally With Your Mac

21 Sep 2011  1 Comment

Came across this handy little feature today that would make life much easier for a number of people. You can now sign documents on your Mac using preview. I know I’m going to use this feature quite a lot.


The Apple Store Challenge

17 Sep 2011  No Comments

They are waaaaaaay too nice.

Windows 8 vs iOS 5: War of The Betas

17 Sep 2011  2 Comments

Technically Windows 8 is not even in beta yet but who cares as long as it looks this good.

The video shows some basic UI elements and some OS settings in both platforms.

I am loving what was shown of Windows 8 so far and just can’t wait to see more of it.

Upgrading The Mac Mini

7 Sep 2011  2 Comments

Mac Mini 2011

I have been a mac user for almost 5 years now, and the Mac Mini that I got a couple of weeks ago was my first Mac desktop experience. And because I downloaded OS X Lion a few weeks earlier on my MBP and experienced some slow-downs. I knew I had to get extra RAM for the Mac Mini if I intended to use it as a proper desktop with somewhat intensive tasks.

A good thing that the Mac Mini RAM upgrade is fool-proof. All you need to do is unscrew the bottom, both RAM sticks, put in the new RAM (2x4GB sticks in my case) and the just screw the bottom back on. its that simple.

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 1

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 2

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 3

Mac Mini 2011 RAM Upgrade 4

The RAM kit I got from Amazon was for $44/KD12 and works beautifully. [Link]

The Mac Mini 2011

25 Aug 2011  6 Comments

Mac Mini 2011

I have been playing around with the new Mac Mini for a couple of weeks now, and I find it a very capable machine. I initially got it to replace my Windows based media center but after being


handed a second generation Apple TV I decided to use it as a desktop PC instead of my MBP. There have been a lot of talk about the Mac Mini not having a DVD drive. I personally rarely ever use the DVD drive in a PC, and if I do, I am ripping a dvd. But I use my trusty old Windows PC for that heavy-lifting.

Mac Mini 2011Ports

I find that OS X Lion is a bit slow, or slower then Snow Leopard. but it comes with a number of new features and tweaks. The device itself is quiet unless you are encoding something and the fans start spinning in full speed then you will definitely hear it. It has all the necessary ports that most of the users will need and comes in a small but capable package. a 2.5 i5 Intel CPU, 4GB RAM a dedicated 256MB Radeon graphic card.

While most people are moving towards laptops and tablets. I am a desktop guy, I only use a tablet or a laptops when I need to. I love sitting on a desk using a 27″ screen and a full size keyboard and a mouse. And thats why I might recommend the Mac Mini to whoever is curious and what to dip his toes into the Mac world.

Mac Mini 2011 3

The image above is a size comparison of the Mac Mini to the Time Capsule.

The 3TB Time Capsule

16 Aug 2011  No Comments

3TB Time Capsule

I recently bought the newly upgraded Time Capsule from Apple. I wanted a dual band router ever since I got my original Airport Extreme, but I thought that having a built in hard drive is a plus I’m having a little trouble with my WHS.

Time Capsule vs Airport Extreme


As you can see from the picture above, the Time capsule is a bit bigger than the Airport Extreme. Thats due to the built-in hard drive. I am planing to put my iTunes library on it so that it can be shared by all the household PCs.


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