App of the Moment (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)

10 Aug 2009  2 Comments


With instant messaging making a big comeback thanks to the BBM on the Blackberry, many all in one IM clients are popping up all over the place. For the iPhone your best shot is Beejive. It integrates AIM®, iChat®, MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, MySpace, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, Jabber, and Facebook IM all in this application. You can even send and recieve pictures on some of the clients. Continue Reading

iPhone App of the Week

5 Aug 2009  2 Comments


Truveo is an App available at  theiTunes store for free (mr carwash will enjoy that) for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s basically a video search engine. Continue Reading

iPhone 3.0.1 Update

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


So Apple released the new update for the iPhone yesterday, 3.0.1. You will download about 280MB of action packed updates which will increase the speed of your iPhone, make browsing faster, allow background Apps to work, and prolong battery life…… NOT!

This update will patch up some vulnerability issue in the SMS’s that no one has ever heard of. So basically you will waste about 30 mins using a 2MB connection to download and install a worthless amount of data. Why can’t Apple do this in a more reasonable manner, lets say 10mb or 20mb maximum? Get your act together Steve Jobs!



2 Aug 2009  No Comments


Almost everyone talks about how the iPhone App store has been revolutionary with all their different applications. From a GPS to Skype to WordPress to Shazam to Google Earth to Facebook to every kind of game created.  You can find it all in the Apple App store on iTunes.  I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I love the simple games that you can play for days and weeks until you download a new one, such as Fieldrunners or Flight Control.  My newest addiction is called Sneezies.  A simple game where you drop sneezing powder which in turn touches another “sneezy” and makes it incredibly enough, sneeze! The chain reaction makes it sneeze and burst the other sneezies, with every level a target of the amount of sneezies you need to burst. A fun game if you dont want alot of thinking.

Available for a whopping $0.99 in the App Store, or you can go cheap and get the Lite version for free.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

What Does iPhone 3.0 Mean To Me

11 Jun 2009  No Comments

iPhone os 3.jpg

I wrote a while a go how to get iphone os 3.0′s features by a combination of jailbreaking and official applications via the app store.

After installing 3.0 on my iphone here is a quick rundown of the apps that are rendered obsolete with 3.0:

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Download iPhone OS 3.0

10 Jun 2009  No Comments

iPhone os 3.jpg

Can’t wait for the 3.0 to hit the net on the 18th? well you can download it now via torrent.

The file is for the iphone 3G only

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Apple WWDC 2009 Highlight

8 Jun 2009  4 Comments

Macbook 15.jpg

A new macbook pro line, the 13 and 15″ will have the same battery as the 17″ the will last 5 hours in normal use.

SD card slot, replacing the express-card slot in the 13 and 15″ model only, the 17″ will still have the express card slot.

the starting price will be $1200 for 13″, $1700 for the 15″ and $2500 fro the 17″.


Snow leopard will be released this September for $29!!!!! Has a lot of new features and better performance

iPhone OS 3.0


Native arabic support -woohoo, and a cool new feature that lets you find your iphone if you have misplaced it via your mobileme account.

Available June 17th.

find my iphone.jpg

iPhone 3GS

iphone 3GS.jpg

Better processor, 3mp auto-focus/touch focus camera, video recording, voice control, digital compass, data encryption and better battery.

16 GB model will be $200, the 32Gb $300 and they will keep the current 8Gb iphone for $100. nice.

Availability: in the US in 10 days, rest of the world by August. I think the unlocked version’s price will be ridiculous.

Full keynote here

Images from engadget/buzberry

All iPhone Rumors

24 May 2009  No Comments


This Article lists all the current iphone rumors to date and organize them by probability.


Copy And Paste, Finally On The iPhone

18 Mar 2009  No Comments


Apple previewed the iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday and the from what it seems they did a pretty good job. Some of the things that I liked:

  • Cut, copy and paste (can already do this on a jailbroken iphone- almost ).
  • MMS(can already do this on a jailbroken iphone).
  • Stereo Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth P2P, for gaming (woohoo).
  • Tethering (can already do this on a jailbroken iphone).
  • Push notification, (i will believe it when I see it, this was promised in iPhone 2.0 preview presentation).
  • Landscape view for mail and text (can already do this on a jailbroken iphone).
  • Spotlight – search for anything on your iphone. (can already do this on a jailbroken iphone).
  • Mail multiple photos at a time.
  • SMS forwarding. (can already do this on a jailbroken iphone).

Thats not bad at all, I was planing to get either a Palm Pre or an Android phone soon, but with this update its hard to justify buying a new phone. There are still some missing features that I would like to see in the iphone, such as video recording and multitasking to name a few, but I really need a QWERTY keyboard.

But still that’s a pretty nice list they got, it’s long overdue and should have been there from the start but hey what can you say.

So, How Good Is The iPhone?

13 Jan 2009  No Comments

A quick comparison between the iPhone and something that has been around for a while.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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