The Sagan Series

22 May 2011  1 Comment

The Sagan Series is an amazing project by Reid Gower in honor of the late Carl Sagan, the astronomer/cosmologist/astrophysicist. The project is simple, create short videos and add narration by Mr. Sagan (the narration of the above video is from his book Pale Blue Dot ). The outcome is just great.

Videos are being released every couple of weeks and you can keep track of them on The Sagan Series website. [Link]

Earth’s True Shape Revealed: Geoid

8 Apr 2011  1 Comment

The geoid is the surface of an ideal global ocean in the absence of tides and currents, shaped only by gravity. It is a crucial reference for measuring ocean circulation, sea-level change and ice dynamics – all affected by climate change.

Lunar Eclipse Time-Lapse

22 Dec 2010  1 Comment

Yesterday’s eclipse was the first one since 1638 to coincide with the winter solstice, otherwise known as the longest night of the year.
This video manages to squeeze an almost 6 hour event into a 2 minute video.

Also I found a really cool photo of the eclipse.

UFO’s Over Moscow

14 Oct 2009  2 Comments

 Independence Day and District 9 come to mind when you see this image. Is it a real UFO? This “halo” appeared over Moscow on Wedensday, at first many thought it was a digitally altered image, but meteorlogists confirmed it was not. It turned out to be a cloud formation even though it looked perfectly shaped. Check out the video below. link

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Space Is Big

16 Apr 2009  No Comments

small earth.jpg

From the picture above you get an idea just how small are we and our planet in comparison to some of the stars that are out there. But you have seen nothing yet.

Click on the image or link below to see what i mean.



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