Best Car Engines of the Year

27 Aug 2009  5 Comments

This car is an axe murderer with headlights. And I adore it. “ Jeremy Clarkson


Mercedes AMG won 2 of the prizes this year for engine of the year.  The first is ‘best performance engine’  for the 6.3L V8 and the second is ‘ best engine above 4.0 liters’ for the same engine.

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Wet and Wild Desert Kings 2 Jokers

9 Aug 2009  22 Comments

An amateur Kuwaiti photographer and video editer put together the video clip below this weekend.  it captures the thrill and fun of young Kuwaiti’s having a good time in the desert and sea.  You can find more of his work at his website It’s a hobby that his friends think he should utilize more.  His skills as  you can see from the video are of a very high standard, his website has many interesting links and photos. Keep up the good work.

The video includes alot of our favorite drivers from the Gulf Run, as this is the second video in the latest series which will be coming out every now and then. You can find the first video, Desert Kings 2 Jokers here.

WARNING: Do not try these stunts if you do not have any expertise or training in the respective areas as you may seriously cause damage and/or hurt yourself.

Thanks for giving me the exclusive, Mr Kitco!

62 Year Old Monster – UPDATE

8 Aug 2009  17 Comments


After the Cream of the Fight post a while back and the earlier post of Mr Kitco, i remembered a conversation i had with my brother about how for a 60 year old sylvester stallone was in the shape of his life. He pointed out to me though that in the last Rambo he never took his shirt off, and in Rocky during the boxing scene he did take his shirt off but pulled his trunks way up. Maybe he was hiding a beer belly and just worked on the other more obvious parts of his body? Wrong! Continue Reading

Who’s that Bad-ass Chuck?

6 Aug 2009  12 Comments


Who is Chuck Norris? And how did he split that rock in two?

Chuck Norris is most famous for his program Walker, Texas Ranger. But to most others he is more famous for his trophy moustache and beard. Martial Arts, politics, and acting, Chuck does it all.

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It’s the Cream of the Fight!

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Has anyone noticed how badass the lyrics of eye of the tiger are? Obviously no one in this day and age can pull it off without either laughing or smirking. But when this song came out in Rocky and was unleashed to the world it became the anthem for every comeback. Whether it be Michael Jordan in sports or George Bush, Jr. in the White House. Continue Reading

Public Enemeis – Movie Review

5 Jul 2009  4 Comments


Public Enemies is a terrific movie, I wanted to see it ever since I saw the trailer (the song was great too). I really enjoyed the movie, Depp was great. John Dillinger is so bad ass.

From IMDB:

In the action-thriller Public Enemies, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Mann directs Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Academy Award® winner Marion Cotillard in the incredible and true story of legendary Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger (Depp), the charismatic bank robber whose lightning raids made him the number one target of J. Edgar Hoover’s fledgling FBI and its top agent, Melvin Purvis (Bale), and a folk hero to much of the downtrodden public.

Really Dillinger is a bad ass


Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

The Badass Finns

27 May 2009  2 Comments

Fin Flag.png

Why? because of 2 reasons.

1. The Winter War

On November 30th 1939, the Soviet Union attacked Finland with the intention of conquering it. The Soviet Union had 4 times as many soldiers, 30 times as many aircraft and 218 times as many tanks.

What the Russians thought will be a quickie, lasted all winter till march 12th 1940 and both signed the Moscow Peace Treaty when the Finns gave up 9% of there land and 20% of their industrial capacity.

During this short lived war, the Soviet Union preformed so poorly that Adolf Hitler thought he might take a swing at them him self.

Winter War Stats.jpg

So for every 1 dead finn there was 3 dead Russian, and for every 1 captured Finn there was 40 captured Russians. The Finns killed more than 80,000 soldiers, more than 700 of those were killed by one man….

2. Simo Hayha


Ya I know, the dude doesn’t look that scary but he has the coolest real world nickname, “White Death”, because of his white camouflage that he used to wear in -40 degrees temperatures while killing hundreds of Russians all in 100 days of war.


The Russians literally tried everything to stop Simo, including sending a whole task force after him, a team of counter snipers and artillery. He either killed all of them or just chewed off there heads.

On March 6th he was shot in the face with an exploding bullet Crushing his jaw and blowing of half his face BUT NOT KILLING HIM, this guy was so badass he had bullets for breakfast, literally.

He died many many years later, April 2002


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