GulfRun 7 – Promo Video

2 Jan 2013  No Comments

By the end of this month for the 7th year in a row, GulfRun will be at the Bahrain International Circuit. With over 60 drivers competing this year it is going to be one hell of an event.

Over 60 drivers competed for the GulfRun title and pushed their cars to the limit in six different events. Drivers were challenged on the Bahrain GP circuit, inner circuit, outer circuit, autocross, quartermile drag, and a Karting race.

GulfRun 7 will be held on the 26th-27th of January in the Bahrain International Circuit.

Unbelievable Road Rage Attack

19 Dec 2012  1 Comment

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

The History of Formula One

4 Jul 2012  1 Comment

Rufus Blacklock created a couple of very beautiful pieces that shed some light on both Formula 1 design and how technology has been implemented in the F1 cars over the years. Using the Autodromo Nazionale Monza track located in Italy, Rufus created an Infographic showing a timeline detailing the implementation of varius technologies into the Formula One cars.


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Via biplaneblues

Skill, Luck or Pure Stupidity?

14 May 2012  No Comments

I’ll go with stupidity.

This is Disturbing – Car Accident

19 Mar 2012  4 Comments

I have no idea what was the driver of the white car thinking. Its obviously a freeway and no access to the other side. So I cant explain his actions other than that he was unconscious/incapacitated.

According to a YouTube comment, the 3 passengers in the car the got in the wrong lane were killed including the 72 year old driver, the driver of the truck is critically injured and the couple in the car that had the camera sustained minor injuries.

UPDATE: embedded a working video.


The Invisible Mercedes

5 Mar 2012  No Comments

When Mercedes wanted to promote its new fuel cell vehicle which is more environmental friendly, instead of placing it squarely in front of everyone in the world, the company decided to make the car invisible by placing a camera on one side transmitting the image to the LEDs on the other side.

Gulf Run 7 Car Show

15 Jan 2012  1 Comment

IMG 1990

Yesterday, I barely managed to pass by 360 mall to catch a glimpse of the Gulf Run 7 car show. The event gets bigger and bigger every year. The place was packed like people needed another reason to go to 360 mall. Some lucky winner managed to go home on a Vespa as a result of being the raffle winner.

Ford Gt

They also managed to raise more than 7000KD for Hayat cancer foundation which is great.

GR 7 360 Mall

The display inside the mall was also great with a 8 really cool cars being displayed like the Mercedes SLS, Audi R8 and a beautiful Backdraft AC Cobra.

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Gulf Run 7 At Al-Falah Car Wash

14 Jan 2012  2 Comments

Al Falah Car Wash

I’m a few days late posting about this but I have been really busy the past couple of days. Last Thursday evening all the cars that are participating in the 7th annual gulf run had to go freshen up at Al-Flah Car Wash as they do every year. I arrived a little late and most of the cars were already done.


The cars usually go there to get washed, polished and get the stickers on. DJ had the music pumpin’ and it was a another great chance to mingle with the drivers, fellow bloggers and organizers.

I also managed to pass by the Car Show at 360 Mall and will be posting about it later.

More pics after the break.

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GulfRun 7 Meetup

15 Dec 2011  6 Comments


I was invited yesterday to attend the 7th annual GulfRun meet up were all the drivers have the opportunity to meet each other and it was also a chance for non-participant/drivers to also meet the organizers and the great guys behind The GulfRun.


The iconic wall of photos was also on display again this year with some fantastic pictures  from previous GulfRuns and had some awesome memories.

Also on display were 3 super cars, a Ferrari 599, Porsche 993 Gemballa and a Hennessey powered Chevrolet Camero LS9 with 725hp.

GulfRun 7 is just a few weeks away, the event will be held at Bahrain International Circuit as usual on the 26th-27th of January 2012. Can’t wait.




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Audi’s Real Madrid vs Barcelona Ad

8 Dec 2011  No Comments

Audi put up an ad just in time for El Clasico next Saturday (midnight local time) promoting the A1 series.

It is a damn good advertisement.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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