GulfRun’s Full Motion Simulator, A Proper Pro Racing Simulator

8 Sep 2011  6 Comments

ID GR Simulator

I was notified by Marzouq yesterday that the GulfRun team had spent the last 5 months fine tuning/developing a racing simulator and it was setup in Baroue in the Avenues’s 1st floor. Of course I immediately agreed for 2 reasons. 1) me being a gaming enthusiast. 2) because everything these guys do is professional and I still haven’t seen them do any half-assed job yet. just have a look at their events, videos, and all other stuff.

The sim was amazing, it is a 3 screen setup that any geek would love and appreciate. A full motion seat that makes turning every corner a thrill and an ultra realistic track-mapping. The track was actually scanned and produced with extreme detail, even the damn bumps in the straight are there.

The GulfRun Simulator is open to the public, the price of admission is KD2.5 and its located as I mentioned in Baroue’s upper level in the Avenues mall.

They were logging blogger lap times, I didn’t even think of asking whats my best time was. But they will be on the side screens for onlookers to enjoy and giggle at.

If I find the time, I might go back there again tomorrow. I think I just found something else to do at the Avenues other than eating Shake Shack burgers.

Picture is from Infiniti Driver



Jeremy Clarkson Reviews Halo’s Warthog

1 Sep 2011  1 Comment

Top gear’s Jeremy Clarkson reads out the specifications of Halo’s Warthog Vehicle in a promo for the upcoming Forza 4 game that should be released this October on the XBOX 360.

The Cadillac Converj Going Into Production As The ELR

18 Aug 2011  No Comments

Cadillac ELR

GM announced that they will be put their concept car, the Cadillac Converj, into production and it will be called the Cadillac ELR.

The ELR is a hybrid car that is based on the Chevy Volt. The car first made an appearance at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Using The Emergency Vehicle Lane

11 Aug 2011  1 Comment

Two cars are turned over on the M1, people might be dying but help is gonna be a little late because the emergency service lane is blocked.

This guy steps out of his car and starts interviewing people and asking them if they actually understood the law. He was awesome.

So this is not just a phenomenon in Kuwait. I really hate it when you are sitting there respecting others and then some idiot comes a disrespect everyone. Some people here in Kuwait have really poor road manners and are in desperate need of some spanking.

Fighting Illegally Parked Cars………With A Tank

2 Aug 2011  No Comments

A Lithuanian mayor is trying to reduce illegal parking in his city by taking an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and driving over the cars.

True Hopelessness: A Man’s Struggle To Save His Friend

14 Jun 2011  4 Comments

One of the most moving videos I ever watched.

1973, The Dutch Grand Prix. A car crash left british driver Roger Williamson trapped in his overturned burning car. David Purley, abandoned his won race, runs across the track in a desperate attempt to get his countrymen out of his burning vehicle.

Purley’s were in vain. Extinguishing the flames and turning the car upright was just too much to ask from one man.

You can really feel David Purley’s frustration and hopelessness during his solo heroic attempt. As nearby track marshals just stood and watched as they weren’t properly trained or equipped to deal with the situation.

The emotional point of the video is when he realizes that he won’t be able to help his friend and he is actually going to watch him die. Purley almost falls to his knees.

He actually heard Williamson crying for help when he first got to the car. And the sad thing is that Roger Williamson actually died from asphyxiation.

Team Hot Wheels Set New World Record

31 May 2011  2 Comments

The Yellow Driver of Team Hot Wheels breaks the world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th 2011. Watch as the Yellow Driver, Tanner Foust, drops 10 stories down 90 feet of orange track and soars 332 feet through the air.


At The 2011 Gulf Run

28 Jan 2011  3 Comments

We Arrived at Bahrain late last night and missed the first day of the Gulf Run.But we made it early enough today to catch the action

Having a blast.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

27 Jan 2011  No Comments

Today is the first day in the Gulf Run 6. Too bad that I’ll miss the today’s events. But I’ll be going to Bahrain later today end be there for tomorrow.


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