Fast Cars vs F1 Cars

13 Jan 2011  2 Comments

This is a side-by-side comparison of two videos. One showing a variety of what is considered to be “Fast Cars” going around a corner and the other video showing F1 cars going around the same corner. The difference is mind-blowing.


Zain and the Ferrari California

23 Dec 2010  4 Comments

Uptill1 was recently contacted by Zain to spread the word about their offer for tomorrow. As you know (unless you have been living under a rock for the last monthor so), Zain have a weekly draw of $30,000 till the end of the year, And will have a grand draw on a Ferrari California on the 6th of January at 360 Mall 7pm. Everyone has a chance to enter the draw for every 5KD they spend either for topping up a prepaid line, orsettlingyour post paid bill. Last chance to enter is December the 31st.

Is the Ferrari California the car of your dreams? Then it’s your lucky day. Zain will be holding an open to the public photoshoot. A professional photographer will take your picture with the car of your dreams (the Ferrari California) and Zain will kindly print it out, set it up in a custom frame and give it to you…..for free. That event will be held tomorrow and tomorrow only from 6pm – 9pm at the 360 mall.

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Gulf Run 6 Meetup

23 Dec 2010  2 Comments

We were invited for a GR6 meetup that took place last night. Met a ton of great guys, drivers and organizers.

On display were 3 super cars. The Ford GT, Mercedes SLS and the Ferrari 599. They were a joy to look at and a glimpse of what is to come in Gulf Run 6.

Also on display were a lot of pictures from the previous 5 Gulf Runs that organizers were very proud of, and rightly so.

One of the announcements that was made yesterday was that the Mercedes SLS will be a “special car” appearing in this Gulf Run. And there will be a taxi driver service to take you around the track, but they are being tight-lipped about it and keeping it a surprise.

Before leaving, we were told that we must have a bite to eat. There was a very good selection of burgers right out of the grill, chicken or beef shawerma and make your own fajita. It was delicious.

Gulf Run

GulfRun 6 Teaser

5 Dec 2010  No Comments

Another awesome and funny video from the guys behind GulfRun. for more info check out their Website.

Hayat Cancer Foundation GulfRun 6 – Raffle

30 Nov 2010  No Comments


GulfRun will be having their second annual Charity Raffle during the GulfRun Carshow to raise money for the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. We had a successful year with support of our readers, blogs, sponsors, and GulfRun participants, and we hope to make it an even better year. And this years amazing prizes include three powerful vehicles:

  • 1. Polaris Razor RZR800 from Seas & Deserts
  • 2. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine
  • 3. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine

Tickets to the raffle – which runs until January 15 – are only 5KD. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. The Ruqaya Al-Qatami Hayat4Cancer foundation was established in 2003 to offer support and medicine for cancer patients. The raffle draw will be on the second day of the GulfRun Carshow at 360 Mall on January 15th 2010 @ 8pm. Please call 97118488 for tickets to supporting the cause and participating in the raffle. We greatly appreciate your support for those who desperately need it.

The Watermelon Car

3 Sep 2010  4 Comments

Talk about being creative, but this is taking your love for fruit a bit too far. The watermelon car looks….. weird with the red interior.

Click on the image for more.

Top Gear Coming To Gran Turismo

18 Jun 2010  1 Comment

The all famous top gear test track will be included in the overly detailed driving sim that has been in production since before the release of the PS3. The new trailer clearly shows and tags the new Top Gear test track. We will be able to see if we can beat any of the Stig’s times later this year when Gran Turismo is released (November). I really hope it doesn’t get delayed again.

The Hot Foot

15 Jun 2010  3 Comments

Our friends NegativEffect and BrakeBanzeen joined forces to create one of the best automotive blogs in the region . The dynamic duo launched The Hot Foot recently and it looks great.

We all remember NegativEffect’s infamous GulfRun videos. Waiting for GulfRun 2011 videos man. And BrakeBanzeen has been writing for a while now, and if you are a gear-head you definitely have read his blog.

The blog will cover as it subtly puts it “Reviews on anything driven by fuels”. The blog looks great and posts are wonderfully written. Hope we see some airplane reviews.

Keep up the the excellent work guys. Best of luck.

The Hot Foot

6th Floor Car Crash

29 Apr 2010  1 Comment

I just saw this pic at Frankom’s blog. At first glance this is supper weird.

The 67-year-old driver of the Mercedes told police he somehow got his foot stuck under the gas pedal. He says that caused the car to zoom across the parking garage in reverse and slam into the outer wall.

If his car was a Toyota it they would have blamed it on the accelerator.


Dump Truck vs Wall

21 Mar 2010  No Comments

So What happens when a dump truck going 50mph hits a military-grade concrete barrier?

These are some tough walls.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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