Real or Fake? The Hoax Quiz

26 Oct 2009  6 Comments


Always wondered if images you get in emails or see on the internet are real or fake? You will find these and other images in this quiz. Take it by clicking here.


Photoshopping Just Got Easier

7 Oct 2009  1 Comment

Check out this video

Microsoft’s New Tablet: Courier

23 Sep 2009  1 Comment

Microsoft Courier.jpg

With all the speculation about Apple’s mystery tablet, Microsoft announced they will be releasing their own machine. The “Courier” will feature a 7″ screen, a camera, multi-touch display with stylus input capability and a very nice looking UI.

via Gizmodo

Monkeyman > Spiderman

19 Sep 2009  8 Comments

I think he deserves his own superhero costume and Hollywood blockbuster. i had the urge to tag this as “wildlife” because i have never seen anything like it.

Bad-Ass Fins (Continued)

10 Sep 2009  5 Comments

Keeping with the spirit of GulfRun and Brakebanzeen, as well as an earlier post by N about the badass fins, i just wanted to add this Top Gear episode as number 3 on the list of reasons why Fins are bad-asses. Its another of those episodes for some reason alot of people didnt see. Mika Hakkinen uses the award-winning engine to teach James May how to drive like a man, among other cars. Check it out.

Local Information of the Day : Buzberry have created an application for their blog/twitter that has been submitted to the iTunes Apps store and pending approval. Good job guys and keep up the good work.

iPhone/iPod Docking Station – Juice Packs

4 Sep 2009  No Comments

Are you an owner of alot of iPhones/iPods/iPod touches? Or are you part of a household or dewaniya that is? No need to fight over the charger ever again. Behold the Griffin Powerdock 4!


If you like it you can purchase it from Amazon by clcking here.

Also, for charging on the go see what you like from below…

juice This rechargeable juice pack is like a skin for the iPhone/iPod Touch. You can get it from by clicking here.

ipod Check this out to help you stay connected all day and night. Kensington Dock.

Random Information of the day : AT&T have confirmed that MMS will be available for its subscribers in the US from September 25th.

Do You Have What it Takes?

1 Sep 2009  2 Comments

Are you good enough to be an officer in the Swedish military?



These tests do not have a scientific basis – they are simply inspired by parts of the Swedish Armed Forces’ recruitment tests.

Click on the link below to see how well you do in some of the tests inspired by the recruitment process of military officers in Sweden. Make sure you have headphones or your volume up on your speakers.

*Random thought for the day : Why is it that Microsoft update their Windows for free, but you have to pay for the latest Snow Leopard which is basically the equivalent of a windows update? Why is it that many apps will stop working on the new Snow Leopard? Check them out here.

Wet and Wild Desert Kings 2 Jokers

9 Aug 2009  22 Comments

An amateur Kuwaiti photographer and video editer put together the video clip below this weekend.  it captures the thrill and fun of young Kuwaiti’s having a good time in the desert and sea.  You can find more of his work at his website It’s a hobby that his friends think he should utilize more.  His skills as  you can see from the video are of a very high standard, his website has many interesting links and photos. Keep up the good work.

The video includes alot of our favorite drivers from the Gulf Run, as this is the second video in the latest series which will be coming out every now and then. You can find the first video, Desert Kings 2 Jokers here.

WARNING: Do not try these stunts if you do not have any expertise or training in the respective areas as you may seriously cause damage and/or hurt yourself.

Thanks for giving me the exclusive, Mr Kitco!

It’s the Cream of the Fight!

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Has anyone noticed how badass the lyrics of eye of the tiger are? Obviously no one in this day and age can pull it off without either laughing or smirking. But when this song came out in Rocky and was unleashed to the world it became the anthem for every comeback. Whether it be Michael Jordan in sports or George Bush, Jr. in the White House. Continue Reading

SeaBreacher – The Coolest Water Vehicle Ever

15 Jul 2009  No Comments

Seabreacher Surface.jpg

After reading 4thringroad’s post about their latest summer toy, I came across this:

The Seabreacher might be the coolest water vehicle ever. It’s a dolphin inspired jetski/submarine hybrid, with a top speed of 35-40 mph on the surface, and up to 20mph under water.

Seabreacher Diving.jpg

It’s a bit pricey though, price starts at US$48,000 for a standard model, up to about US$68,000 for a high performance, heavily customized version with all the options.

But I think it’s worth it.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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