Honda’s Great Race 2025

14 Jul 2009  No Comments


This is a very cool concept car by Honda. Designed to race around the world in just 24 hours, The “Honda Great Race 2025″ has sonar/echolocation sensors are able to detect changes in speed, terrain, and altitude, allowing it to switch to any configuration.

Via carbodydesign

I Want One

5 Jul 2009  No Comments

Just saw this cool replica in National car rentals in San Diego’s international airport.

Hate the green though.

In Case Of Zombies Break Glass

4 Jul 2009  No Comments

Anti Zombie Guns.jpg

This would really look cool in a gaming room, for any Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead fans especially.

I would imagine its pretty easy to assemble. Great idea though.

The Coolest Truck Ever!

2 Jul 2009  4 Comments

F-150 Jet Truck.jpg

A guy by the name of Chris Lentz, acquired a Czechoslovakian Motorlet M-701 turbojet engine, and installed it on top of his 2005 Ford F-150. Making it another type of a Hybrid Car

F-22 Super Sonic Flyby

29 Jun 2009  2 Comments

F-22 Flyby.jpg

An Air Force F-22 Raptor executes a supersonic flyby over the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

Click image to enlarge.

Link Tells You When is The Best Time To Pee During A Movie

27 May 2009  No Comments

Runpee.jpg is a very useful website if you have a bladder problem and really don’t want to keep asking what happened when you come back from the bathroom.

The bathroom breaks are during the dullest moments of the movie and if you run late, it even tells you what will happen next via an encrypted text.


Transformers Blaster USB Hub

23 May 2009  No Comments

Transformers Blaster USB Hub.jpg

I poster 2 days ago about Ravege USB drive. Today I came across what looks like an updated Autobots Blaster, he turns into a Qosmio branded mini looking laptop witch is really a USB hub instead his original transformation to a cassette player.

Transformers Blaster USB Hub 2.jpg

This will also cost $42 and will be released in September.

The Fit PC 2

21 May 2009  No Comments

Fit PC 2.jpg

I think this will be a really good mini HTPC, its fan-less so it should be really quite for starters.

It also have the Z530 processor so it should handle HD video just fine, a built in IR receiver – witch is really important for Media Centers, but no bluetooth.

Release is scheduled for this month and the price for the Windows XP SP3 version is about $400.

I might get one of these.


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Transformers Ravage USB Flash Memory

20 May 2009  5 Comments


This is a must for any Transformers fan. It’s Ravege who is a part of the old Soundwave – new Soundwave in Transformers 2 won’t feature Ravage I think.

2 GB for $43 a good deal for me.


The Pizza Box Of The 21 Century

30 Apr 2009  No Comments

A very neat and simple idea.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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