Space Is Big

16 Apr 2009  No Comments

small earth.jpg

From the picture above you get an idea just how small are we and our planet in comparison to some of the stars that are out there. But you have seen nothing yet.

Click on the image or link below to see what i mean.


Mythbusters Are Just Awesome

13 Apr 2009  No Comments

In the last episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie are trying to pancake a car. After several attempts the come up with this brilliant idea.

Looked like Adam was gonna faint cause of the awesomeness.

Burning Mercury Thiocyanate

21 Mar 2009  No Comments

This looks like something from outer space.

Horsey Got Some Skills

3 Feb 2009  No Comments

This is some amazing horse control.

Thanks Bo Faisal who thanks Bo ‘6ari

The Slingshot Man

2 Feb 2009  No Comments

This man is so accurate with a slingshot he’s deadly. This man uses it like it was a sniper rifle.

Dell Adamo First Pics

25 Jan 2009  No Comments


This is the first pictures of the long awaited Dell Adamo. Still no word on specs or a release date, but damn that thing looks good.

For more pics, hit the Link

Via Gizmodo

Make Your Own Ringtone

25 Jan 2009  No Comments

It does just that, very easy to use and fool-proof


The steps are:

  • Press Upload, choose mp3, wma or ogg audio file and press Open.
  • Place the markers to set range and clip duration.
  • Press Selected to listen to your clip.
  • Change the default sound quality if you want.
  • Choose and set the filters if you want.
  • Press Make a Ringtone to convert mp3 to a ringtone.


Amazing Ant Colony

16 Jan 2009  No Comments

I didn’t know that ant colonies could be this humongous.

Playing For Change

9 Jan 2009  No Comments

I came across this video a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s just brilliant.

They are releasing a DVD this spring.

If you have any musical talents you can signup at there website and might make it in a future video.



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