Yehya at the AMA’s

24 Feb 2010  3 Comments

This guy never fails at keeping us amused, does he?

Shutter Island – Movie Review

22 Feb 2010  4 Comments

Being Sunday morning i was able to sleep in, i woke up and flipped thru my iphone and was face to face with Flixster. I decided to check out which were the nearest movie theaters with any decent movies, and stumbled upon Shutter Island. Flixster gave it a 70% but i decided to try it out nevertheless. I used to hate Leonardo Dicaprio, but after such movies as The Aviator,  Catch me if You Can, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies and The Departed more recently, he has become one of the actors i am enjoying most in movies. So we went off to the movie theater but decided to eat as we were an hour early for the movie. We went to a Brazilian grill restaraunt which was right by the cinema, and it was awful. Its called Tucano’s grill, and it seemed like the meat was from actual Tucan’s, the bird that is. Anyway back to the movie.

The movie is around 2hrs and 18mins. The only way i can describe it is delusional, hallucinating and utterly genius. It drags you on for almost 2 hours thinking that you know whats going on, when the last 10 minutes it changes totally. Its not like a Sixth Sense kind of ending, but you have the feeling all the way through that something is not right, but its totally different than what you imagine. Of course there will be parts of the movie where you might think it is slow and too easy to guess, but only the ending does justice to the movie. Basically it is about a US marshall (Dicaprio), who is investigating an escaped murderess from a remote island (Shutter Island) which is a hospital for the criminally insane. Martin Scorsese again does not fail to amaze with this plot and ending. IMDB gave it an 8.5, and for their standards that is pretty high. Great movie, with lots of twists and turns and worth the watch.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

The Best Way To Watch Kuwaiti TV Shows And Plays Online

21 Feb 2010  25 Comments

3ala Aldunya Alsalam pic 5alty Gmasha 5araj Walam Ya3ood pic 7ami Aldiyar Al'3oraba2 pic Al-Aqdar pic Alataweyah Alkora Mdawwara pic Darb Alzalag pic Dars Khusosi Forsan Almana5 pic Rgayya o Sibeecha pic Super 96ar pic 3ala haman ya fir3oon Shahr Al3asal

I loved the idea of having a vast collection of Kuwaiti TV shows on YouTube, but hated the 10 minute limit on videos that forced me through endless clicks just to watch a single episode. And sometime the quality is horrible.

No more, I just added a new page that will contain external links to full length episodes with the hope of adding more content with time.

First up, what might be the best Kuwaiti TV show ever. Darb Alzalag (درب الزلق)


Mission Impossible 4 Coming in 2011 – And Other Movie News

12 Feb 2010  5 Comments


Paramount announced that they will be making the next installment in the Mission Impossible series. Mission Impossible IV will star Tom Cruise and will be directed by J.J. Abrams (Star Trek).

Movie Should be released in May 2011.

Other movie news:


Batman 3 in the works –TBA (2012/2013)

Spiderman 4 in the works – 2012 (in 3D)

Transformers 3 in the works – July/2011

24 Movie – 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz (May 2011)

Superman 3.0 – Christopher Nolan (TBA) <- Rumor

GulfRun – The Finale

4 Feb 2010  8 Comments

The end has finally dawned, and GulfRun 5 at the Bahrain International Circuit was over. I think everyone who participated or went to the event enjoyed it, as there was all out safe action and surprises down the way.  Last night was the closing ceremony in Lenotre, and GulfRun with their sponsors, handed out the timings of all the drivers and events and their awards.

Quartermile Drag

For the Street Category :

1. BMW M5

2. Lexus ISF

3. Audi RS4

For the Super Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Mitsubishi Evo-X

3. Honda S2000

For the Unlimited Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Porsche Turbo 99

Continue below for all the times and more pictures.

Continue Reading

Reminder: Lost Season 6

3 Feb 2010  10 Comments

lost final season

Just to let you know that Lost Season 6’s first episode just aired last night and is now available via torrent.

Thank you ShowRSS

George Lucas vs. James Cameron

27 Jan 2010  3 Comments

George Lucas sent this to James Cameron when Titanic passed Star Wars at the box office in 1998.

Lucas vs Cameron

What a good sport.

George “Dublya” Bush

27 Jan 2010  5 Comments

I can never get enough of George W. Bush videos. How he became president of the USA we will never know, how he got re-elected is even a bigger mystery!

All Hail Avatar, The Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time

25 Jan 2010  3 Comments


The Numbers came out today, its now official. Avatar is now the highest grossing movie of all time with $1.288 billion passing Titanic, the movie that was holding the record for the past 13 years,  by a mere $46 million ($1.242 billion) last Saturday.


What’s funny is James Cameron directed both of these movies, so between them, James Cameron has made more than 2.5 Billion with 2 movies. He also directed one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time, yes I’m talking about Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


Conan O’Brien vs NBC

22 Jan 2010  3 Comments

Most people have heard of the situation at NBC, with them trying to push Jay Leno (after his new shows’ failure) back into the Tonight Show, which happens to be Conan O’Brien’s slot. To make a long story short, NBC have paid off Conan and his staff around $45 million to give up their slot and leave the network. But until that happened, Conan decided to “make them bleed”. Check out the video below.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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