Worst Goalkeeper Ever

18 Jan 2010  2 Comments

After the sad events of the beginning of the Tournament in Angola with the shooting and withdrawal of Togo from the championship, we have now seen a lighter side of football.

This is goalkeeper Joao Rafael in the game between Benin vs Mozambique from the African Cup of Nations. He made a “routine” save late in the game almost cost him a goal and a broken neck! Hilarious fail moment from the ACN.

Yasser Arafat’s Intimate Kissing

16 Jan 2010  5 Comments

I dont know how legit this video is, but it is hilarious. I wish i could understand what the dubbing is saying because it sounds so funny!

GulfRun : Al-Falah Carwash to Car Show@360

15 Jan 2010  10 Comments

Yesterday the guys from Gulfrun had a carwash at Al-Falah which in itself was an event. All the cars were ready to go from there and headed off to 360 mall to set up for the car show.

The pics after the break are from the 360 mall GulfRun car show. Click below to check them out.

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Pocahontas VS Avatar

11 Jan 2010  4 Comments

I thought James Cameron conceived the Avatar idea 15 years ago? But this is just too similar, isn’t it?

Pocahontas vs Avatar

So, Avatar is nothing but a futuristic Pocahontas eh?

Kuwait’s “lets forget 2009″ List

6 Jan 2010  17 Comments

On a more candid note after my post about 2009, somethings that might have been around before 2009, but may have gotten slightly out of hand.

Number 1 : RIM’s breakthru into the Kuwaiti market with their Blackberry’s. Its hard to have a conversation with an owner of these devices without being interrupted by furiously rapid texting or beeps emerging from the phone. Do they realize they can have the same data plan with any smartphone and use any social networking/chatting program to the same effect?

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Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” Contest Winner

30 Dec 2009  No Comments

I’m talkin on my bluetooth
Makin’ deals and shit
No cords are clashin
So my hands are free to knit

Warning the below video contains some explicit lyrics.

For slower connections click here for the lower resolution video.

I posted a while back about the I Am T-Pain app and how it was taking the iTunes app store by storm. Well the company who made it, Smule, had come up with a contest and were giving away a $5,000 prize to the winner. The video above called “Im on the Phone” is the winner, even though i know some people who did pretty good songs, but i guess they never won because they didnt have a music video to go along!

Directed by Michael and Christiano Covino. Shot by Alex Marazzo and Sam Kretchmar

James Bond Re-Runs

28 Dec 2009  4 Comments

Ian Fleming created his legacy, and it continues until current times. I don’t think there is a person who doesn’t enjoy 007 in general. Showmovies Action have recently been putting re-runs of all the Bond movies and anytime i see them on i have to start watching. Probably the worst Bond movies were Pierce Brosnan’s even though he had potential to play the part. And maybe the worst casted Bond was Timothy Dalton. Sean Connery and Roger Moore were great, though I am enjoying Daniel Craig in this new role. He has given Bond a new refreshing and “badass” feel. Gotta love those Bond movies.

Hot Tub Time Machine

22 Dec 2009  1 Comment

Its been a long time coming since the last idiotic time machine movie, remember Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure (& Bogus Journey)? But in those movies i doubt they were really acting as opposed to just being themselves. This is going to be on my to-watch list for 2010!

Avatar – Review

21 Dec 2009  4 Comments


I went to watch Avatar on Friday after hearing alot about it without really reading much. All i knew was that it was a James Cameron movie and the most expensive of all time, and sci-fi based. I am not the biggest sci-fi fan. I appreciated the idea behind District 9 but at times thought it was too far fetched and just silly. Not to say that Avatar is not far fetched, its just different. First of all, graphically, its like nothing any of us has ever seen before. The colors, the images and the scenes are out of this world, literally. There is the whole underlined meaning of global warming/green peace/save the world, as well as the curiosity most people have of other life forms. Its a very long movie, but the action scenes and twists in the storyline keep you interested all the way to the end. James Cameron has a very vivid imagination to be able to think up a story like this and implement it onto the screen. Great movie, a must-see even for non sci-fi fans.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½ 

Gulf Run 5 Trailer 2

8 Dec 2009  No Comments

After the great teaser video we have now a full length trailer from our friends at Gulf Run. Check it out below.


Now it has been confirmed it will be a 3 day event. The final day will consist of “Gulf Run Drag Sudden Death Match”  from 10am-1pm. And it has also been confirmed that there is indeed a drift course in Gulf Run 5.

Drivers and spectators will also witness something special,the Radical SR4, (pictured below leaving the pits at the Bahrain GP circuit.) With a Kawasaki bike engine, 1200cc sequential Gearbox, 180HP 450KG as well as being, faster and boasting more G’s then any street legal car around the track. This is truly a unique experience, and unrivalled by almost anything street legal on the track.
But thats not all. GulfRun will be renting this race car to 10 lucky drivers. Each driver will get 10 minutes in it for a price of 70KD.
This car will also be part of the event as a joy ride (without the recklessness of course) taxi for any spectator that wants to sit in the passenger seat with a C license professional driver and enjoy a very fast lap in the car. This opportunity cannot be passed by. The Lotus 211 and Westfield SE may also be used for the fast lap.
The team of Gulf Run would also like to take this chance to thank all their sponsors. Their title sponsor Wataniya Telecom. As well as their platinum sponsors Wataniya Airways, Dent Xpress, Agility and Consolidated Construction Company. And the gold sponsors being Slider Station and Al-Sawan Co.
GULF RUN 5 Schedule :
1)  Car Wash event on the 14th of January at Al-Falah Car Wash.
2)  Event will start on the 15th and 16th of January in 360 Mall (GulfRun Car Show).
3)  Bahrain event will be on the 28/29th of January in Bahrain at the GP Circuit.  (Event will have 3 different tracks in which one of them will be the    Formula 1 circuit. The Drag strip will also be open.)
4) Day 3 of the main event will be GULFRUN DRAG Sudden Death Match. (More info to follow)
Video taken from The Gulf Run Blog and thanks to the Gulf Run team for the effort.
Thanks to Marzouq for all his support.
Thanks to Negativeffect for the amazing video.


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