Japanese Sniper Prank!

6 Dec 2009  8 Comments

Ever wondered how it would feel to be sniped at? Or at least believe you were being targeted by a sniper? Check out this video below. You gotta love those japanese pranks!

I Can Transform Ya

19 Nov 2009  4 Comments

With Transformer fever at a pitch high, i leave you with some actual and some may be not real life transformers.



For more including iPOD docks, more cars, USB’s and more phones continue reading after the break. Continue Reading

24 Season 8 Trailer

30 Oct 2009  2 Comments

24 is one of these shows that everybody watches, and everybody is eagerly awaiting season 8.
Cant wait till January 17th

Via Zdistrict

99 Things You Should Have Experienced…..

28 Oct 2009  2 Comments

…on the internet by Greg Rutter. I dont know who Greg Rutter is.

I didnt see them all but you will find some classics such as the battle of krueger, human beatbox, thriller remake and evolution of dance.

UPDATE : Sorry it seems i didnt put the link! Here it is. LINK

This is NOT it… Michael Jackson.

27 Oct 2009  2 Comments


These kinds of websites are popping up everywhere with the imminent release of Michael Jackson’s “This is it” movie. Elizabeth Taylor has twittered about it, Latoya Jackson has bashed it, and father Joe has accused AEG of using stunt doubles. Anticipation, conspiracy and Michael Jackson all rolled into one reel.

New Fad : Micro Pigs

11 Oct 2009  2 Comments

You might have noticed these in the local papers last week.  Yes, they are bred as pets.


With all the fuss and dangers of H1N1 swine flu, you wouldnt expect people to be paying up to  700 British Pounds for a pig. These micro pigs,  grow to be about 12-16 inches tall and between 40-65 pounds in weight. With a life span of up to 18 years, even celebrity actors have been snapping them up (Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is one of them).  They are being marketed as the perfect, low maintennance pets. I will pass on this one.


Marge Simpson Reveals All

11 Oct 2009  2 Comments

In an unprecedented move , the cover of men’s magazine Playboy, will be graced by a cartoon character, Marge. Celebrating The Simpson’s 20 Year anniversary, Playboy have given Marge Simpson the cover and a 3 and half page spread for the occasion.


Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have already been honored this year with a set of U.S. postal stamps marking the 20th anniversary of the longest-running comedy series on U.S. television.


G.I. Joe : Rise of Cobra Movie Review

7 Oct 2009  4 Comments


Childhood memories all washed down the drain.  From their comics, to their animated movies and of course their actions figures. I had them all, and loved them all. So about 18 years later when i found out there is a movie about them, i did get excited. And so quickly did that excitement turn into disappointment. Continue Reading

District 9

22 Sep 2009  4 Comments


“An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent that is exposed to their biotechnology.”  IMDB

- To enjoy this movie, you have to be a sci-fi fan.

- To enjoy this movie, you have to be able to withstand the South African (Afrikaan) accent for 112 minutes.

- To enjoy this movie, you have to look beyond some of the bad CGI and hilarious alien costumes.

Alot of us enjoyed watching it, until it turned into more of a drama than a sci-fi/action movie. The ending wasnt too great either. As one of our friends said, “this should have been part 2 of a movie series”. But i would not have probably wanted to watch the “part 1″ then. IMDB gave it an 8.5/10 rating which proves there are many sci-fi fans, as well as underdog fans since this is a low budget movie that made it big. I can’t be that generous, and i am speaking on behalf of about 6 other guys. It needed more than one fight scene as everyone was waiting for those alien weapons to be used earlier. Check out the trailer here.

[xrr rating= 4.5/10

Random Movie Information of the Day : The movie District 9 was not well recieved in Nigeria due to its negative portrayal of Nigerians. Check out the link here.

Tyson – The Documentary

20 Sep 2009  11 Comments


Ask any guy and he will tell you Mike Tyson is awesome. Ask any boxing fan and they will tell you he is arguably pound for pound the best fighter to ever step inside the ring. Ask anyone and they will also tell you Mike Tyson is a pyscho. This documentary will only validate all those points, but in ways many you could never have imagined. The way he talks is funny, they way he chokes up and cries is funny , and the way he can flick a switch and become a madman is funny. All in their own pyschotic way. But make no mistake, he was a vicious fighter and a flammable personality. There is a classic scene when he gets out of prison and a reporter says he “should be in a straight-jacket”; triggering Mike Tyson to let off one of the most absurd and bone-shattering verbal tirades i have ever heard. A roller coaster of emotions from his highs and depths of his lows, which spanned his career. You will feel sorry for him, and you will regret that you never got to see more of him. A great documentary, even for non-boxing fans. Check out the trailer below.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Random facts from IMDB :

To gage what effect “Tyson” would have on audiences, James Toback asked the opinions of the film’s opposite demographic: older white women who were disinterested in boxing. He asked that they come to his editing suite and watch the film. If they left after 5 minutes, Toback would give them $100 USD. If they stayed after 5 minutes, they would have to stay for the whole picture – and give Toback extensive feedback on the film. According to Toback, not one woman left after 5 minutes, and many were in tears by the film’s finale.

“Tyson” received only one distribution offer during its run on the festival circuit, from Sony Classics Pictures. After Toback accepted the offer, the film screened at the Cannes Film Festival and received a 10 minute standing ovation. Many of the executives who initially passed on the film were at that screening.


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